I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1470 - I Know Whether She’s Suitable to Me

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Chapter 1470: I Know Whether She’s Suitable to Me

No one would ask her directly if she wanted a gift like him.

Didn’t he want to pick the gift himself and surprise her?

If she said what she wanted, wouldn’t she lose all her joy?

Since it was his first time dating, Jiang Luoli couldn’t complain about it.

She thought for a while before replying, “Bring whatever you think is good.”

“Alright, I’ll go over and see if there’s anything special.”

“Then, I wish you a safe trip.”

They didn’t chat for long before Mo Shixiu hung up.

In the clubhouse.

Madam Mo made a call after Jiang Luoli left.

Soon, the call went through and a respectful voice was heard. “Madam.”

Madam Mo clenched the cup in her hand and said angrily, “You can do that now.”

She didn’t want to be too harsh.

But since that Jiang girl didn’t know what was good for her, there was no need to show mercy.

After Madam Mo hung up, her cell phone rang again.

She hesitated for a few seconds before picking it up.

“Shixiu, why did you call me?” Madam Mo frowned.

Mo Shixiu called her not long after Jiang left. Did she complain?

Madam Mo’s expression darkened.

“Mom, did you look for Luoli?”

Madam Mo’s expression turned awful. “Jiang Luoli called you? What did she say?”

“It seems like you did look for her.”

“Why, did she complain about me in front of you? I knew she wasn’t a good person. She started to sow discord between us before she even entered the Mo family.”

“Mom, Luo Li didn’t say anything. She told me that she was only out to see a friend. You misunderstood her.”

“She didn’t say anything?” Madam Mo sneered. “If she didn’t say anything, would you know that I looked for her? Shixiu, what’s there to be biased towards such a woman? She’s so young, but she’s already so scheming. She’s not suitable to be by your side.”

“Mom.” Mo Shixiu kept quiet for a while before saying, “I know very well whether she’s suitable for me. I hope you won’t look for her anymore. She’s only 19, she’s still a child. You’ll scare her like this.”

The more Mo Shixiu spoke up for Jiang Luoli, the angrier Madam Mo got.

Her two sons had always been good and filial to her.

But now, with a woman by his side, he started going against her and didn’t take her words seriously.

All they knew was to protect the women around them.

She thought that Mo Shixiu would be better and not as muddle-headed as Mo Yesi.

But she didn’t expect her eldest son to be so smitten.

Madam Mo was so angry that her face turned green. “She’s young, but she’s no less scheming than those older than her. She knows how to take shortcuts at such a young age and become a phoenix. You’re telling me that she’s still a child? Shixiu, I’ll let you do whatever you want and not bother you, but I won’t allow you to make decisions on this matter.

“I won’t agree to you being with Jiang Luoli.”