I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1469 - Did You Take Over the Female Lead?

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Chapter 1469: Did You Take Over the Female Lead?

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Before she left, she didn’t look at Madam Mo’s expression.

But she could imagine it.

Madam Mo must be furious. She might even be throwing things.

As soon as she walked out of the private room, she heard something shatter.

But Jiang Luoli felt relieved.

Especially when she tore the check, she felt inexplicably good.

No wonder the female leads in novels with domineering CEOs liked to tear checks.

Because it felt really good when she did it.

She felt much better after tearing it.

Jiang Luoli was still enjoying the feeling of tearing the check. She sent Qiao Mianmian a WeChat message: [Baby, I just did something really good. Do you know what I did?]

Qiao Mianmian replied instantly: [What did you do?]

Jiang Luoli: [I tore the check. In front of Madam Mo, I tore it up and threw it on the ground. Can you imagine her expression? Her face turned green. Hahaha, I feel so good just thinking about it. It’s so satisfying.]

Mianmian: [Are you the female lead?]

Jiang Luoli: [Hahahaha, I just wanted to experience how it feels to have the female lead tear the check. I didn’t expect it to feel so good.]

Mianmian: [So, you’ve already left?]

Jiang Luoli: [Mm, I left. I think Madam Mo is even more determined to separate me from her son now. Do you think she’ll use some underhanded method to force me to leave her son like in domineering CEO novels?]

Mianmian: [Don’t think too much. I believe Mo Shixiu can handle everything. I think you should tell him about this and let him handle it.]

Jiang Luoli: [I’ll think about it.]

Jiang Luoli didn’t want to tell Mo Shixiu about this.

She knew that he wasn’t a mommy’s boy.

But how could he handle this?

He was already busy enough with work, and Jiang Luoli didn’t want to bother him with such trivial matters.

She chatted with Qiao Mianmian for a while before getting into the black Bentley.

Mo Shixiu called just as she got into the car.

Jiang Luoli picked it up.

“Luo Li, where are you? I heard from Sister Lin that you went out?”

“Mm.” Jiang Luoli looked out of the window. “I’m in the city center and going back now. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to call to hear your voice. What are you doing in the city center, meeting a friend?”

The man’s casual tone caused Jiang Luoli’s heart to race.

That “I want to hear your voice” made her feel as if she had eaten honey.

When she didn’t know him well, she thought that he was flirting with her on purpose.

But now she knew that he wasn’t flirting at all. After all, he was a straight man who didn’t even know what flirting meant.

But it was precisely because of this that Jiang Luoli was tempted.

She smiled. “Mm, a friend.”

Mo Shixiu was silent for a while before saying, “Just seeing a friend?”

Jiang Luoli found his question strange. “Mm, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. Go home early if you have nothing to do. I’ll fly overseas tomorrow morning for a few days. Do you want anything as a gift? I’ll bring it to you when I’m back.”

Jiang Luoli felt that Mo Shixiu was really a straight man.

He was a straight man who didn’t know how to date.