I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1468 - Are You Going Against Me?

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Chapter 1468: Are You Going Against Me?

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“This sum of money is enough for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life. Take the money and leave Shixiu. Don’t contact him anymore.”

“Madam Mo.”

Jiang Luoli kept quiet for a while before looking up and saying in disdain, “I came because I thought I could get a huge severance fee. If I’d known that Madam Mo didn’t have much money, I wouldn’t have come.”

Madam Mo still had a superior expression on her face. After a few seconds, her expression stiffened and she said with a dark expression, “What did you say? You think this sum is too little? Miss Jiang, I advise you to be content. Don’t think that just because the Mo family is rich, you can ask for a high price.

“This sum is more than enough for you. If I were you, I’d take the check and leave obediently. Miss Jiang, let me give you another piece of advice. A wise man submits to circumstances. Don’t end up with nothing.

“To be honest, your status and family background are not worthy of my son. Shixiu will get married and have children in the future, but the woman forming a family with him will definitely not be you. Since you’re destined to break up, you can still get a sum of money if you leave now. If he breaks up with you, you might not get anything.

“You’re a smart person, you should know what to choose.”

Jiang Luoli smiled again. She was obviously furious, but her voice was surprisingly calm. “Madam Mo, it’s not that I don’t think this sum is enough, but the severance fee you offered is really too little. Your son is so much more generous than you. He casually gave me a card with tens of millions, and before I finished it, he gave me a second one, afraid that I wouldn’t have enough to spend.

“I’m with your son. He can buy me anything I want. I can spend his money as I wish. Your 10 million yuan is really not attractive to me. So, I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t agree to your request.”

“What did you say?” Madam Mo was stunned, and then her face turned green.

“Madam Mo, whether Mo Shixiu is new to me for a while, or whether he’ll kick me away in the future, this is between me and him. To me, there’s only one possibility of separating from him, and that is when I’m not interested in him anymore and don’t want to stay with him anymore.

“If he told me himself that he doesn’t like me anymore and wants to break up with me, I definitely wouldn’t pester him.

“But it’s not up to you to decide if we’re going to be apart or together. Even if you’re his mother, you can’t interfere in his private life.”

Madam Mo’s face turned even paler.

“Miss Jiang, are you bent on going against me?”

“Madam Mo, I’m not going against you. I’m just telling you that I can’t agree to your request. I can leave Mo Shixiu, but he has to break up with me. No one else can.”

With that, Jiang Luoli picked up the check and tore it into pieces under Madam Mo’s murderous gaze.

Then, she patted the crumbs on her lap and stood up. “Madam Mo, thank you for treating me to tea. I still have something on, so I won’t accompany you. Enjoy yourself.”

Jiang Luoli didn’t look at Madam Mo’s expression as she turned around and left the room.

Walking out of the clubhouse, she took a deep breath and let out the pent-up anger in her chest.