I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1466 - It's Best If You're Separated

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Chapter 1466: It’s Best If You’re Separated

But regardless of whether Madam Mo’s pleasantries were true or false, Jiang Luoli did her best.

She walked over slowly and smiled at Madam Mo. “Hello, Madam Mo.”

“Miss Jiang, please sit down.” Madam Mo pointed to the seat opposite her. “I wonder what tea Miss Jiang likes. Is Biluochun alright?”

Jiang Luoli sat opposite Madam Mo.

Madam Mo poured her a cup of tea and Jiang Luoli immediately took it. “Thank you, Madam Mo.”

“You’re welcome.”

Madam Mo also poured a cup of tea for herself. Her slender fingers looked like they could only be maintained in an extremely superior environment. She pinched the porcelain teacup and took a sip before saying calmly, “Miss Jiang, what do you think of the taste of this tea?”

Jiang Luoli was speechless.

She hated people like Madam Mo who liked to beat around the bush.

She could have said it directly, but she had to talk nonsense for a while before getting down to business.

“It’s pretty good.” Jiang Luoli took a sip but couldn’t tell what it tasted like.

She didn’t like tea.

She didn’t know much about it.

Hence, no matter how good the tea was, it was all pretty much the same to her.

She was an impatient person and liked to solve problems directly. Seeing that Madam Mo was still drinking her tea slowly as if she wasn’t ready to talk to her about serious matters, she couldn’t help but ask, “Madam Mo, why are you looking for me?”

Madam Mo looked up at her slowly.

Jiang Luoli pursed her lips and said, “Madam Mo, can you be direct?”

“It seems like Miss Jiang is an impatient person.” Madam Mo smiled and slowly placed the teacup on the table. She then took out a handkerchief to wipe her lips.

“Since Miss Jiang doesn’t like to beat around the bush, I’ll be frank. I believe Miss Jiang must have guessed why I’m looking for you.

“Miss Jiang, since you’re with my son, you should know what he does. To be honest, Miss Jiang’s looks are really good, and it’s easy for the opposite sex to be attracted to you. My Shixiu has been putting all his effort into his work for so many years, causing his experience in relationships to be almost zero.

“So, it’s normal for him to lose control when he meets a beautiful woman like Miss Jiang.

“Miss Jiang should be his first woman, and because of that, you have a special place in his heart. But men are just like that. For a moment, they feel that it’s true love and that they can live a lifetime. But after a while, when their minds clear, they won’t think like that anymore.

“With Shixiu’s identity, he won’t lack good-looking women around him. Miss Jiang’s looks won’t be your advantage anymore. He’s my son, I know him best. He really likes you when he likes you. Once he doesn’t, he really doesn’t have any feelings for you anymore.

“But at that time, Miss Jiang will definitely like him more and more and fall deeper into it. If he wants to break up with you, you’ll definitely be very sad and painful.

“So, I think you should break up before you fall in love with him. Of course, Miss Jiang has been with my son for a while, so I won’t let you accompany him for nothing. This is a token of my sincerity. I believe this amount of money won’t make Miss Jiang feel aggrieved.”