I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1458 - Take It as Payback for the Qiao Family's Fostering

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Chapter 1458: Take It as Payback for the Qiao Family’s Fostering

“I don’t have a sister as heartless as you. I know you’re the daughter of the Bai family now, how could you still like the Qiao family? In your eyes, the Qiao family is a shameful history. Do you wish to cut ties with the Qiao family now, preferably to never interact with them?

“Ha, Dad shouldn’t have been so soft-hearted back then. He shouldn’t have taken you on.”

Qiao Mianmian looked at her coldly.

Qiao Anxin looked at her too, her eyes full of hatred and unwillingness. “Do you think you’re the complete winner now? Do you think your life will be so smooth? Every dog has its day, I’m waiting to see the day you’re down and out!”

Qiao Mianmian didn’t mind what she said.

Because to her, Qiao Anxin wasn’t important at all.

Since she wasn’t important, she wouldn’t take anything she said to heart.

She had been watching Qiao Ruhai’s attitude.

When Qiao Anxin said that and Qiao Ruhai remained silent, Qiao Mianmian knew his stance.

His silence meant that he agreed with Qiao Anxin.

He also felt that her daughter was an ingrate.

After returning to the Bai family and having a better backing, she wanted to leave the Qiao family.

At this moment, Qiao Mianmian found it funny and pathetic.

She couldn’t even be bothered to explain.

Qiao Ruhai had Qiao Anxin and Lin Huizhen by his side. They couldn’t possibly brainwash him. Moreover, he had such thoughts too. Once the seed of distrust germinated in his heart, it would be difficult for him to trust her anymore.

She was completely disheartened.

She didn’t want to face him and Qiao Anxin anymore.

“Whatever you think. I have something on, I don’t have time to waste with you.”

With that, Qiao Mianmian turned around and left.

“Qiao Mianmian.”

She’d only taken a few steps when she heard Qiao Ruhai’s cold and distant voice.

Qiao Mianmian bit her lip and stopped.

“Whether you’re willing to acknowledge me as your father or not, you grew up in the Qiao family. I don’t dare to say that I gave you a good life, but you’ve been doing well in the Qiao family all these years, right? You’re better than most.

“It’s been so many years, and I’ve never asked you to do anything for me. This time, take it as repayment for the Qiao family’s care and support. Let your sister go.

“I heard that you got someone to ban her? Your sister did do a lot of wrong things, but if you ban her, isn’t it just ruining her career for the rest of her life? Your sister is still young. Even if you want to punish her, isn’t this punishment a little too heavy?”

Qiao Mianmian clenched her fists.

She heard Qiao Ruhai say, “Let your sister go, and you and the Qiao family are even. Don’t worry, you can be the daughter of the Bai family in peace. No one in the Qiao family will disturb you. I, Qiao Ruhai, am not a power-hungry person. It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re the daughter of the Bai family or have an even higher status.”

Qiao Mianmian kept quiet.

After a while, she said hoarsely, “Dad, do you really think so?

“If I let Qiao Anxin off, we’re even?”