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Chapter 1453: It’s Impossible

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“Now, I don’t think anyone will call you a flower vase anymore. That clip was really well edited. I felt that it was especially exciting and couldn’t wait to watch the main scene. Your last scene was so infectious that I almost couldn’t hold back my tears.”

“Mm, I saw it all.” Qiao Mianmian looked at Nana’s excited expression and smiled. “Do you really think my performance was good?”

“Mm, really.”

Nana nodded and said sincerely, “Your performance was especially good. You actually didn’t lose out to Mr. Qin. Mianmian, I really think you’re born for this. You’re especially invested in acting and have a lot of feelings.”

“That’s all thanks to Brother Han.”

Qiao Mianmian said, “His acting is especially infectious, that’s why I was completely influenced. He’s really a good senior, he taught me a lot.”

Nana nodded. “Qin Han is indeed very good, but even the best teacher has to have a good student. Otherwise, it’s useless no matter how good the teacher is. Anyway, my idol is very good. Mianmian, you’re also very good.”

Qiao Mianmian smiled and thought for a while before logging into Weibo to repost it.

Re: [Qiao Mianmian V]

Many people commented on her post.

“Sister Mianmian, we’ve already seen the clip. It’s especially good. I’m looking forward to the main clip being played soon!”

“Alright, alright. Mianmian, I’ve received the instructions. I’m looking forward to the main film!”

“Hahaha, the flowers are so exciting. I hope I can put more flowers when I’m free. We love it.”

“Sister Mianmian, I’m a new fan. I’m a fan of your acting. You have to work hard, I’ll always support you.”

Not long after Qiao Mianmian reposted it, Qin Han did too.

And he didn’t repost it on the official Weibo account but directly reposted Qiao Mianmian’s post.

Qin Han V: “I swear on my dignity that the main film will be even more exciting. If it’s not good, come and look for me. I believe everyone has seen Mianmian’s performance in the clip. Do you believe that I didn’t lie to you back then? It’s not easy for newbies, I hope everyone can support her.”

Qin Han felt that she was a good person. When he admired someone, he was willing to help them.

Just like how he helped Qiao Mianmian.

This post didn’t seem like much.

But his last sentence was obviously to help Qiao Mianmian.

With his current status in the industry, he could definitely help Qiao Mianmian attract many fans.

Some fans asked him.

“Brother Han, why are you so good to Qiao Mianmian? Helping her over and over again. Are you bewitched by her beauty? Brother Han, wake up. Qiao Mianmian already has a boyfriend. It’s impossible between the two of you.”

Qin Han actually replied.

Qin Han V: “She’s a junior I admire. She’s been working hard and studying hard during this period. More importantly, she’s talented in acting. I admire her, so I naturally hope that others will realize her good points and not let such a good seedling be buried. That’s all I think of her. Everyone, stop speculating.”

The netizens were excited.

“Wow, Brother Han actually replied to me personally. Alright, alright. I got it. I’ll go and become Qiao Mianmian’s fan immediately.”