I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1446 - Is It Too Late for Her to Regret It Now?

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Chapter 1446: Is It Too Late for Her to Regret It Now?

“But I can’t guarantee that he’ll be willing to help.”

Shen Xin turned around and didn’t say another word to Shen Rou.

Shen Rou pursed her lips and looked at her attitude.

She felt aggrieved?

She felt aggrieved just by asking her to look for Qiao Chen?

So what if she went on blind dates for the past few days?

She’d been mocked and looked down on by everyone.

But even though she was full of anger, she still did it.

Shen Rou was relieved that Shen Xin agreed to look for Qiao Chen.

With Shen Xin around, Father Shen and Mother Shen wouldn’t force her anymore.

She really didn’t want to marry men who made her sick.

After these few days of blind dates, Shen Rou finally realized how outstanding Mo Yesi and Gong Zeli were to the opposite sex.

The men she went on a blind date with were as different as heaven and earth from them.

Shen Rou regretted it.

She regretted throwing herself at Mo Yesi and not cherishing Gong Zeli.

Back then, Gong Zeli was willing to marry her.

If she wasn’t obsessed with Mo Yesi, if she married Gong Zeli, she would definitely be very happy now.

Even if the Shen family fell, she’d still be the Young Madam of the Gong family.

She wouldn’t be forced to go on blind dates.

And even despised by those men!

The more Shen Rou thought about it, the more regretful she felt. She recalled how Gong Zeli treated her and regretted not cherishing it.

If she treated Gong Zeli better back then and didn’t just enjoy his efforts, would he really like her?

Was it too late for her to regret it now?

Was he willing to accept her kindness now?

After Qiao Chen’s banquet, Qiao Mianmian flew back to F City to continue filming.

The shoot went smoothly for the next week.

In a week, they finished filming the scene that was supposed to take half a month.

Bai Yusheng edited a short clip for a few minutes and posted it on the official Weibo of the television series.

Because the male lead was Qin Han, this drama had become very popular. Once the clip was out, fans flocked to watch the video to admire their idol’s superb acting skills.

What the official account didn’t expect was that the comments section was full of praises for Qin Han’s acting.

A few hours after the post was released, the comments section suddenly changed.

“Eh, Qiao Mianmian’s acting is pretty good. She didn’t show any fear when she acted with a Movie King like Qin Han. Moreover, Qin Han didn’t steal her limelight. This is really rare. The actresses who acted with Qin Han in the past were easily ignored.

“Previously, Qin Han publicly praised her acting skills. I thought he was just being polite. I didn’t expect her acting skills to be so good. A few scenes were especially amazing and left a deep impression. Her crying scene was so infectious that I almost cried.

“This is the first female artiste to act so well with our Brother Han. Qiao Mianmian’s acting is really good. Of course, there are only a few scenes. I wonder if the main show has maintained this standard. If so, I’m looking forward to this show.”