I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1443 - Isn't Shen Xin Your Daughter?

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Chapter 1443: Isn’t Shen Xin Your Daughter?

In the car.

Shen Xin and Shen Rou were sitting together. Shen Xin didn’t say anything after getting into the car and kept looking out the window.

Shen Rou’s expression was dark.

Madam Shen sat in the front passenger seat and asked Shen Rou, “Rourou, what do you think of your Aunt Cheng’s son? I think he seems to have a good impression of you. Although the Cheng family isn’t considered good, they’re still newly rich in recent years. If you marry into the Cheng family, you’ll have nothing to worry about in the future.

“Moreover, if the man’s conditions are weak, you’ll be able to eat well in the future. If he’s too good, he might be scheming and you might not be able to live happily. I think you can really consider it.

“Rourou, you…”

“Mom, that Cheng An looks like a pig’s head. You actually think he’s good too? That man isn’t even worthy of carrying my shoes. You actually want me to marry him? For the Shen Corporation, are you going to let me marry him even if he’s a pig?

“Are you really my biological mother? Don’t you care if I’m happy in the future?” Shen Rou suddenly broke down and yelled at Madam Shen.

She gritted her teeth. “Am I the only daughter of the Shen family? Isn’t Shen Xin your daughter? Why should I sacrifice my happiness for the Shen family while Shen Xin doesn’t have to do anything?

“Is this fair?”

“Sister.” Shen Xin stiffened and slowly turned to look at her.

Madam Shen was stunned too.

“Y-Your sister is still young.” A few seconds later, Madam Shen said, “It’s not that I don’t want your sister to help, but what can she do now? Rourou, are you blaming me for being biased and not feeling sorry for you?

“I know you don’t like Aunt Cheng’s son. If our Shen family hadn’t encountered this incident, how could I bear to let you suffer such grievances? But Rourou, the Shen family is no longer the Shen family of the past. Do you know what the people in the circle are saying about us?

“Now, even those people who were far inferior to the Shen family in the past dare to mock our us and not take the Shen family seriously. Don’t say that you feel aggrieved, your dad and I have suffered enough. Do you know how many people your dad has lowered his head for the Shen family? Those people used to find it difficult to even see him, but now they can put on airs in front of him. Those people who used to want to curry favor with the Shen family have disappeared.

“At the critical moment, all of them disappeared. No one is willing to help.

“You think you’ve been wronged, but who in the family hasn’t been wronged? You don’t like your Aunt Cheng’s son, but do you think it’s possible that he likes you? Let’s not talk about anything else. Just that kid from the Gong family, hasn’t he always been chasing you? Doesn’t he like you a lot? But now that something happened to the Shen family, is he willing to help? Is he still willing to marry you?”

Shen Rou’s expression stiffened at the mention of Gong Zeli.

She looked awful.

She wanted to retort, but she realized that she couldn’t.

She went to ask Gong Zeli for help when something happened to the Shen family. She thought that Gong Zeli would help her no matter what.

Even if she’d lied to him before.

They’d known each other for so many years, he couldn’t possibly have no feelings for her.