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Chapter 1442: Feeling Better

She didn’t expect the Shen family to become like this.

She also didn’t expect Qiao Mianmian’s background.

The ideal daughter-in-law she had taken a liking to was now in dire straits. Her family background was no longer satisfactory.

This daughter-in-law she didn’t like now had a family that she was very satisfied with.

She didn’t expect this.

She understood what Old Madam meant.

But the Jiang family…

Madam Mo frowned at the thought of the Jiang family’s situation.

The Jiang family was so poor that she couldn’t tolerate it.

With her son’s status in the future, he definitely couldn’t look for the Jiang family’s daughter.

Moreover, even with Qiao Mianmian’s incident as a precedent, she didn’t believe that Jiang Luoli could have a good background.

Hence, Jiang Luoli couldn’t be with her son.

As for Qiao Mianmian…

Madam Mo thought about her current relationship with Qiao Mianmian and how she’d threatened Qiao Mianmian to leave Mo Yesi. She couldn’t help but frown, and her eyes revealed a hint of annoyance.

If she’d known that Qiao Mianmian had such a background, she wouldn’t have…

But no matter what, this was a good thing.

Qiao Mianmian had become the daughter of the Bai family, and her son had married the daughter of the Bai family. No one could find fault with this marriage.

The Bai and Mo families were truly compatible.

Although Qiao Mianmian had just been acknowledged by the Bai family, it wasn’t too late.

Her wedding with Mo Yesi had yet to be held.

When they held their wedding and announced Qiao Mianmian’s identity, others would only envy her son for finding a good marriage.

She was no longer afraid of people mocking her behind her back.

At this thought, Madam Mo felt a little better.

Even though she didn’t like Qiao Mianmian very much, with Qiao Mianmian’s status as the daughter of the Bai family, Madam Mo’s dissatisfaction towards her faded a lot. The last bit of dissatisfaction was her acting.

But in the past, she despised Qiao Mianmian’s profession.

Even though she was still dissatisfied, it was lessened because of the Bai family.

Madam Mo had already thought it through.

If someone asked her about Qiao Mianmian’s acting, she would say that Qiao Mianmian left the industry after a few shows.

No one would doubt her words.

After all, being the daughter of the Bai family was more convincing than anything else.

No one would think much of it, much less gossip about it.

At this point, Madam Mo was even glad that Mo Yesi didn’t choose to be with Shen Rou.

Otherwise, the Shen family would become a burden to the Mo family.

If the two families became in-laws and something happened to the Shen family, the Mo family couldn’t possibly ignore it.

The Mo family might even be implicated by the Shen family.

With this thought, Madam Mo was even more satisfied with Qiao Mianmian. Even her dissatisfaction with her profession quickly faded.

She decided that she had to do something to improve her relationship with Qiao Mianmian. Since Qiao Mianmian didn’t make her unhappy, she naturally couldn’t keep her daughter-in-law down.

After attending Qiao Chen’s banquet.

When the Shen family left, everyone’s expressions were different.