I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1426 - What’s Your Relationship With Young Master Mo Chen?

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Chapter 1426: What’s Your Relationship With Young Master Mo Chen?

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With the Mo family as her backing, she wouldn’t have to worry about anything in the future.

But when they saw that Mo Yesi and Mo Shixiu had brought their female companions back, they gave up on the idea.

In an instant, Qiao Chen, who had just been acknowledged by the Mo family and didn’t have a partner, became popular.

Even though he was still young and didn’t need to consider marriage, it couldn’t stop those women who had feelings for him.

Many women walked towards him holding wine glasses.

In their eyes, Qiao Chen was already extremely outstanding. When he was older, he would definitely be irresistible.

At that time, more women would be attracted to him.

They might as well strike first and settle him now.

He was the only son of Second Master Mo.

Marrying him, even though he couldn’t compare to the Young Master and Second Young Master of the Mo family, he was still much better than the other rich families.

After all, it was the Mo family.

Soon, Qiao Chen was surrounded by four women.

Qiao Chen was young and rarely interacted with women. He seemed a little helpless in front of them.

After all, he was still young. No matter how composed he was, he was still a little shy in front of these older women.

“Young Master Mo Chen, let me toast you.” A woman raised her glass and smiled flirtatiously.

The other woman raised her glass and said sweetly, “Young Master Mo Chen, let me toast you too. It’s nice to meet you. Can we be friends?”

Qiao Chen couldn’t drink.

But these women didn’t know.

Seeing that Qiao Chen didn’t respond, the woman raised her glass again. “Young Master Mo Chen, could it be that you don’t like us, so you don’t even want to drink with us?”

“That’s right. Young Master Mo Chen, are you unwilling to drink with us?”

“No, I…”

Qiao Chen frowned and was about to explain when a familiar voice sounded behind him. “I’m sorry, Qiao Chen is unwell. He can’t drink now. Don’t toast him anymore.”

Qiao Chen was stunned. He could smell a familiar scent behind him.

A few seconds later, someone appeared beside him.

He turned around in surprise and saw Shen Xin looking up at him. When their eyes met, Qiao Chen’s eyes flickered, and he didn’t dare to meet her eyes again.

Shen Xin looked at him for a few seconds before looking away and taking a glass of wine from a waiter.

“I’ll toast to the sisters on his behalf.”

Qiao Chen looked down at her in surprise.

The women were stunned too. One of them frowned and said unhappily, “Shen Xin, what’s your relationship with Young Master Mo Chen? Why are you drinking on his behalf?”

“Yeah, we don’t want to drink with you.”

“Young Master Mo Chen hasn’t even said anything, how do you know he can’t drink?”

“What a joke. Who are you acting for? Do you think Young Master Mo Chen will be moved by your actions and have a good impression of you?”

These women knew Shen Xin.

In the past, they wouldn’t dare to talk to her like this.

But now, the Shen family might go bankrupt at any time. The Shen sisters were no longer people they feared.

This group of women had always been unhappy with Shen Rou because she used to be in the limelight.

But no matter how unhappy they were, they didn’t dare to do anything.

Now that the Shen family had fallen, they didn’t have to be afraid of anything. They vented their anger on Shen Xin.