I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1422 - Then, Take Care of Your Daughter

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Chapter 1422: Then, Take Care of Your Daughter

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When she saw Shen Rou, she recalled how she had instructed Qiao Anxin to pretend to be her daughter. She got even angrier.

Madam Bai’s appearance caused Shen Rou and Madam Shen’s expressions to change.

Shen Rou’s expression stiffened. “A-Aunt Bai…”

“Don’t call me aunt.” Madam Bai’s eyes were filled with anger as she said coldly, “The daughter of my Bai family, be it in terms of family background, looks, or character, isn’t worthy of anyone. No matter how bad she is, at least in terms of kindness, someone like you can’t compare.

“The Shen family is also prestigious. Didn’t Madam Shen teach your daughter how to be a good person? A young lady from a prestigious family is talking about others behind their backs, and her words are so unpleasant to the ears. I’ve seen the Shen family’s upbringing and etiquette today. I can’t control what you say about others behind their backs, nor do I want to. But my precious daughter has been slandered by you. I won’t let this matter go.”

Madam Shen’s expression changed. “Sister Bai, is there a misunderstanding? Your daughter? Your daughter… hasn’t been found yet. Who are you talking about?”

Madam Shen didn’t know that Madam Bai had already found her daughter.

Naturally, she didn’t know that she’d offended the Bai family.

Madam Bai said coldly, “There’s no misunderstanding. My Little Seven has been found. Madam Shen, I don’t care if your daughter still has feelings for my son-in-law. If she affects my daughter’s happiness, don’t blame the Bai family for adding insult to injury.

“I took more than 10 years to find Little Seven. She’s the treasure of the Bai family. If anyone dares to treat my precious daughter badly, don’t blame me for being heartless!

“If you can’t discipline your daughter well, let someone else do it for you.”

Madam Shen had been a pampered madam for decades, and everyone was polite to her wherever she went.

Besides her husband, no one had refused to give her face.

She felt humiliated after being scolded by Madam Bai.

She didn’t know who Madam Bai’s daughter was at first.

When she slowly figured out who it was, she turned around in shock and looked at Qiao Mianmian, who had already walked up to Old Madam.

“Sister Bai, your daughter is…”

“Don’t call me Sister. I don’t have a sister like you.” Madam Bai cut her off without giving her any face. “It’s good that you know. Then, take good care of your daughter. Don’t let her keep an eye on someone else’s husband. I heard that the Shen family is in a hurry to marry your daughter off. If Madam Shen wants your daughter to marry out as soon as possible, you’d better teach her well. Otherwise, with her current character and upbringing, I’m afraid no one will dare to accept her.”

That sounded awful.

Madam Bai wasn’t such a mean person.

But this time, she couldn’t take it anymore.

Qiao Mianmian was such a good daughter, but she was called a vixen.

How could she tolerate it?

Madam Shen’s and Shen Rou’s faces turned green, especially Shen Rou’s. Thinking of the humiliation she’d suffered over the past few days, anger, sadness, and intense hatred surged inside her.

But neither she nor Madam Shen dared to retort.