I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1409 - : I Really Envy You at This Time

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Chapter 1409: I Really Envy You at This Time

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Shen Rou had gone from being in high demand to being ignored.

Those socialites and young ladies who used to be inferior to her in every aspect knew that something had happened to the Shen family, and many were gloating.

“The Shen Corporation is about to go bankrupt. Look at her, she’s still so arrogant. I don’t know what she’s doing. If I were her, I’d be too embarrassed to go out these few days. Doesn’t she know what’s being said about her?”

“Don’t say that. The Shen family might not go bankrupt. The Shen and Mo families are long-time friends. At this time, the Mo family will help no matter what. As long as the Mo family is willing to help, the Shen family won’t go bankrupt.”

“If the Mo family is willing to help, would Shen Rou need to go on blind dates every day? In my opinion, the two families are long-time friends. Now that it’s about benefits, the Mo family might not be willing to help.”

“Stop it, she’s coming.”

“Tsk, what are you afraid of? The Shen family is already in this state, why are you still afraid of Shen Rou?”

Although they were full of disdain for Shen Rou, they immediately lowered their voices when they saw her approaching.

The Shen family wasn’t really bankrupt yet.

Shen Rou was still someone they didn’t dare to offend.

But although they didn’t dare to offend her openly, their attitude towards her wasn’t as polite and warm as before.

In the past, they would have taken the initiative to greet Shen Rou.

This time, Shen Rou was already beside them, so they pretended not to see her.

And these people used to have a good relationship with her.

Shen Rou didn’t greet them and walked past them.

The moment she walked over, someone complained to her back view. “What’s there to be proud of? She can’t even marry now, and she’s still acting like a noble young lady. Does she think the Shen family is still the Shen family of the past?”

“That’s right. Everyone in the circle knows that nobody wants Young Lady Shen. Does she think she’s still the Young Lady of the Shen family?”

They were so quiet that Shen Rou didn’t hear them.

But she heard every word they said.

Shen Rou clenched her fists.

She wanted to look for those women.

But thinking about the Shen family’s current situation, she could only tolerate it.

“Sister.” Shen Xin could feel her anger and whispered, “Don’t stoop to their level. They’re just jealous of you, that’s why they’re gloating now.”

“Jealous?” Shen Rou bit her lip and smiled self-mockingly. “Aren’t they telling the truth? Everyone knows that Young Lady Shen is a joke in the circle now. They’re not the only ones who think that way. Other people think the same.

“Look, Young Lady Shen used to be so arrogant and unattainable. But now, she’s been reduced to a nobody. Do you think I’ve become a joke to others?”

“Sister, don’t think this way. They can’t represent everyone. Not everyone thinks that way. Since they said that, they aren’t true friends. You don’t have to care about what they say.”

“Shen Xin, do you know? I really envy you at this time.” Shen Rou stopped in her tracks and lowered her head.