I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1407 - I Won't Let You Suffer

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Chapter 1407: I Won’t Let You Suffer

“Mm, get married.”

“But we just started dating.”

“I know. But I’m also dating you on the premise of marriage.” The man’s eyes were dark and serious. “So, I hope to do some things when the conditions are right. That night was an accident. I was affected by the medication. But don’t worry, that accident won’t happen again before we get married.”

Jiang Luoli was speechless.

She had nothing to worry about.

She was so upset because he wasn’t close to her.

Moreover, she didn’t mind the accident that night happening again.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Shixiu thought for a while and said, “Did I say something wrong?”


Jiang Luoli pursed her lips and looked at him for a while before saying, “Mo Shixiu, I hope you’re with me willingly. I don’t want you to force yourself.”

The man replied quickly. “I’m not forcing myself. I’m willing.”

Jiang Luoli couldn’t help but smile. “You said it yourself. I gave you a chance to go back on your words. If you want to go back on your words in the future, you won’t have a chance.”

Mo Shixiu smiled too. “Mm, I won’t.”

“Then, if…” Jiang Luoli thought of something and hesitated before asking, “If your family doesn’t like me, what will you do?”

“You’re so good, they’ll definitely like you.”

“What if they don’t like me?”

“I’ll find a way to make them like you. If it really doesn’t work, then there’s no need to force it. When we get married in the future, we won’t live with my parents. They can’t interfere with our lives.

“So, you don’t have to worry about this.

“Also, I won’t help you. If you’re worried about your future relationship with your mother-in-law, you don’t have to worry.”

Jiang Luoli felt that Mo Shixiu’s words were like a calming pill that calmed her down instantly.

When she asked those questions, she did feel uneasy.

She was a little worried about tonight’s banquet.

But with Mo Shixiu’s reassurance, she wasn’t as uneasy as before.

No matter what, as long as he was willing to stand on her side, she had nothing to be afraid of.

“Don’t think too much. If we really get to the day of our marriage, I’ll settle all the problems you’re worried about. I’ll let you marry me without any worries.” Mo Shixiu thought of the steps Jiang Luoli had taught him in love. He hesitated for a while and then hugged her gently.

His voice was low and gentle. “I won’t let you suffer.”

Jiang Luoli looked up.

This was the first time Mo Shixiu hugged her since they confirmed their relationship.

There was a nice scent in his arms. It was faint, warm, and comforting.

At this moment, Jiang Luoli felt that he really liked her.

Because he listened to her.

So, he wasn’t intimate with her previously not because he didn’t like her, but because he really didn’t know how to date?

Jiang Luoli felt better.

She felt that it was fine if Mo Shixiu didn’t understand. She wouldn’t be anxious anymore and wouldn’t let her thoughts run wild.

It was fine if he didn’t know, she could slowly teach him.