I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1403 - Who Did You Learn It From?

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Chapter 1403: Who Did You Learn It From?

“Baby, what’s wrong?” The man asked gently.

Qiao Mianmian took a deep breath and thought to herself that she and Mo Yesi were already husband and wife, but she could still be teased by him.

If they had just met, she would have had a heart attack.

“Mo Yesi, do you know that you just said something romantic?”

“Mm?” The man’s “mm” was a little flirtatious.

Qiao Mianmian’s heart raced again.

She wondered if she was the only one whose heart was beating wildly because of her husband.

“Then, do you like it?” The man reached out and pulled her into his arms. He whispered in her ear, “If you like it, I’ll say it to you every day.”

Qiao Mianmian was speechless.

“Mm? Do you like it?”

Qiao Mianmian blinked.

After Qiao Mianmian and Mo Yesi left.

Mo Shixiu let go of Jiang Luoli’s hand and turned around. “The dress is in the changing room. You can try it out first.”

With that, he walked towards the door.

Jiang Luoli looked at the man’s tall back and frowned.

She looked down at his hand.

She thought Mo Shixiu was enlightened.

But not long after Qiao Mianmian and Mo Yesi left, he released her hand and kept a distance from her.

He was back to his usual self.

This made Jiang Luoli suspect that he was just doing it for Mo Yesi and Qiao Mianmian.

Did he not want her to lose face in front of others?

Didn’t want others to think that their relationship wasn’t good?

Jiang Luoli was frustrated.

Other boyfriends were always intimate with their girlfriends.

But her boyfriend…

Her boyfriend was too much of a gentleman.

“Mo Shixiu, stop right there.” Jiang Luoli was upset. She looked at the man who was about to open the door and walk out.

Mo Shixiu stopped in his tracks.

He stood at the door and didn’t ask Jiang Luoli what happened.

But he didn’t leave.

“Let me ask you something.” The more Jiang Luoli thought about it, the more depressed she felt. She quickly walked behind him and grabbed his arm.

Mo Shixiu rarely took the initiative to be intimate with her.

But he wouldn’t reject Jiang Luoli’s advances.

He let the girl behind him hold his arm and gently asked, “Mm, what is it?”

Jiang Luoli bit her lip. “Am I your girlfriend?”

Mo Shixiu was stunned and quickly replied, “Of course.”

“Then, do you treat me as your girlfriend?”

“Of course.”

“Then, do you know how couples should interact?”

Mo Yesi replied, “I’m studying.”

He was still studying.

It seemed like he hadn’t learned it properly.

“Who did you learn it from?”

The man kept quiet for a while before saying, “Assistant Xu will tell me something, and I’ll read the relevant books myself. Why, did I do something wrong?”

Mo Shixiu realized that she was unhappy and turned around to size her up.

Jiang Luoli was speechless.