I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1396 - I Think He Doesn’t Like Me That Much

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Chapter 1396: I Think He Doesn’t Like Me That Much

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No matter what, Jiang Luoli still looked very happy.

Her eyes were filled with sweetness.

She was in the honeymoon period.

“Who knows if he cares about me.”

“Of course he cares about you. If he didn’t, would he date you?”

“This only shows that he’s a very responsible person. If it was another woman with him that night, he might be like this too.”

Jiang Luoli knew that she was already with Mo Shixiu and shouldn’t think this way anymore. But sometimes, she really couldn’t help but wonder if he would have…

She felt uncomfortable at the thought of this possibility.

Even if Mo Shixiu treated her very well now.

She felt that he treated her well out of responsibility.

He didn’t treat her well because he really liked her.

“No. Luo Luo, don’t let your thoughts run wild. I’ve asked Mo Yesi, and he said that he never thought that Big Brother would date you. Moreover, once Big Brother makes a decision, it means that he has decided on you.

“If it’s just out of responsibility, he can make it up to you with money. He won’t use his feelings. Big Brother is a very serious person when it comes to relationships. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten a girlfriend like you at this age.”

Jiang Luoli was stunned. “Prince Charming said that?”

“Mm. You’re my best friend, and this is your first time dating. Of course, I take it very seriously. That’s why I know Big Brother. I’m sure that Big Brother isn’t with you because of responsibility.

“Even if it’s partly because of that, it’s mainly because he likes you.”

“He likes me?” Jiang Luoli’s heart raced as she recalled Mo Shixiu’s cold and deep eyes. “But I don’t think he really likes me. Baby, didn’t you tell me that when you’re with Prince Charming, he always wants to… do that with you?”

Jiang Luoli coughed and said, “I don’t think Mo Shixiu has those kinds of feelings for me.”

They still slept in separate rooms.

Besides the night he took the initiative to hold her hand.

Then, they treated each other with respect.

He treated her well and gave her the best of everything.

He would agree to her requests unconditionally.

He sounded like he cared about her.

He would ask her to add more clothes when it was cold.

The weather was hot, so she had to be careful.

He would say good morning to her in the morning and not forget to say good night to her before he slept. He would also try his best to spend time with her.

Everything seemed fine.

Except for that night, the two of them rarely interacted.

She couldn’t feel that Mo Shixiu had such thoughts about her.

Sometimes, she wondered if she wasn’t charming enough, which was why Mo Shixiu was so pure.

“Big Brother doesn’t have such feelings for you?” Qiao Mianmian looked at Jiang Luoli up and down and asked skeptically, “Really? How did you know?”

Jiang Luoli was a beauty.

She had a great figure too.

With her fair skin and long legs, even Qiao Mianmian felt that she was a stunner.

No matter how good Mo Shixiu’s self-control was, he couldn’t possibly have no thoughts about the woman he liked.