I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1388 - This Fellow Doesn’t Know Where to Start

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Chapter 1388: This Fellow Doesn’t Know Where to Start

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The two of them flaunted their love.

The netizens were all complaining.

Because of this, not only did Mo Yesi gain a lot of fans, but Qiao Mianmian also gained a lot.

Mo Yesi’s exposure was a rebuttal to the rumors about Qiao Mianmian being with an old man.

Many people felt that this couple was really eye-catching.

The man was so handsome, and the woman was as beautiful as a fairy. Moreover, it was a combination of Prince Charming and Cinderella. It satisfied all their fantasies about love.

Moreover, there was a lot of negative news about Qiao Mianmian online, causing many people to misunderstand her. Hence, her social relations were naturally poor.

Most people hated her.

Now, with Qiao Anxin’s incident, the rumors about her being with an old man for money were also cleared. Many netizens realized that Qiao Mianmian wasn’t as annoying as they thought. Moreover, many of her experiences were very sympathetic, so their impression of her naturally changed.

Her fans weren’t just haters anymore.

The comments section was no longer filled with negative comments.

Many netizens wished her and Mo Yesi well.

This was the first time Qiao Mianmian felt that she wasn’t the type to attract haters.

At a high-class clubhouse.

Yan Shaoqing asked Gong Zeli and Lu Rao out to play pool. Yan Shaoqing took the club from a hot girl and wiped it as he said to Gong Zeli, “Fourth Bro, you’re finally willing to come out today. I thought you were traumatized by Miss Shen and didn’t want to leave the house. Why, have you recovered?”

Gong Zeli threw the two balls in front of him into the net, straightened up, and handed the club to the woman waiting at the side.

The woman immediately took the cue.

Another woman handed him a bottle of water.

Gong Zeli took the water bottle and took a sip before replying to Yan Shaoqing slowly, “Do you think I need to lock myself up to recuperate? I should be the one asking you this. Didn’t you say that you were chasing a woman and didn’t manage to get her? You were so traumatized that you locked yourself at home for two days and two nights without eating or drinking. Now that you’ve thought it through, you’re not sad anymore?”

“Damn you!”

Yan Shaoqing’s smile stiffened.

He still looked cheeky, but there was no smile in his eyes. He replied casually, “Who said I won’t eat or drink for two days? Did you spy on me under my bed? She’s just a woman, do you think I’d do something so ridiculous?”

Gong Zeli looked at him and smiled. “It’s indeed just a woman. But this woman is still different from the previous women to you. Which women did you chase in the past? But this is the first time a woman rejected you. This shows that she’s special.”

Yan Shaoqing was speechless.

He felt better recently and was in the mood to ask his friends out.

But Gong Zeli kept bringing it up.

But he mentioned the woman he hated.

Yan Shaoqing’s eyes were about to spit fire at the thought of that woman.

He had never seen such an ungrateful woman.

“Oh, which woman rejected Young Master Yan? This is really strange.” But Lu Rao wasn’t a good person.