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Chapter 1375:

It’s Better to Die

Qiao Mianmian was shocked to see him. “Mo Yesi, why are you here?”

Mo Yesi didn’t answer her.

He looked at Lin Huizhen coldly and let go of her.

He took out a handkerchief from his bag and wiped his fingers. After wiping them, he threw the handkerchief into the trash can.

The man’s cold gaze landed on Lin Huizhen for a few seconds before he turned to look at Qiao Ruhai, who was standing beside her.

“Father-in-law is just going to watch that crazy woman bully your daughter?” Mo Yesi’s eyes and voice were cold.

He called her a crazy woman.

Lin Huizhen’s expression darkened.

Qiao Ruhai didn’t look too good. He pursed his lips and said after a moment of silence, “Since you call me father-in-law, you should know how to address Huizhen. She’s your mother-in-law, aren’t you being too disrespectful to her?”


Mo Yesi seemed to have heard a joke. “She’s not worthy.”


Lin Huizhen was embarrassed again and again. She didn’t dare to say anything to Mo Yesi, so she turned around and grabbed Qiao Ruhai’s arm. “Old Qiao, look at how your daughter and son-in-law bullied me. I might as well die.

“Why am I still alive? This is too embarrassing.”

With that, she loosened her grip and looked like she was about to hit the wall.

Qiao Ruhai pulled her back anxiously. “What are you doing!”

Lin Huizhen cried and pushed Qiao Ruhai’s hand away before sitting on the ground.

She then started throwing a tantrum. “I don’t want to live anymore. Anxin and I are being bullied. If you don’t help us, what do I have to live for?

“I’d rather die.

“Why are you stopping me? Let me die.”

Lin Huizhen didn’t come from a good family.

She knew Father Qiao from a bar. Back then, she sold alcohol in the bar.

It could be said that she used some tricks to get to know Father Qiao and got him to marry her.

“What are you doing? Get up.” Qiao Ruhai frowned and reached out to help her up, but Lin Huizhen refused to get up.

She sat on the ground and wailed. “I don’t want to live anymore. I don’t want to live anymore.”

This was the first time Mo Yesi saw a woman act like this.

This woman was his mother-in-law in name.

He frowned, his eyes filled with disgust. Even though this woman was his mother-in-law in name, he’d never admitted it. He was still disgusted.

Qiao Ruhai also felt that Lin Huizhen’s current state was too embarrassing.

Although the inpatient area wasn’t crowded, people still occasionally passed.

It would be so embarrassing if someone saw it.

When he married Lin Huizhen, Qiao Ruhai knew that she couldn’t compare to his late wife.

He knew Lin Huizhen’s bad habits.

No one was perfect. He felt that as long as it wasn’t a big problem, he could accept it.

But at this moment, Qiao Ruhai was really embarrassed.

Although he despised Lin Huizhen, she was still his wife.