I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1373 - Don’t Forget That You Grew Up in the Qiao Family

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Chapter 1373: Don’t Forget That You Grew Up in the Qiao Family

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It was normal for parents to be biased.

There was never a proper balance.

But Qiao Ruhai’s actions still disappointed her.

He blamed everything on her.

He never thought that Qiao Anxin had done something wrong.

Qiao Ruhai’s expression changed when he met Qiao Mianmian’s hurt gaze. He realized that he had said something wrong.

But he wasn’t satisfied with Qiao Mianmian’s attitude.

When he thought about what Lin Huizhen said, he wondered if Qiao Mianmian’s attitude was because she looked down on him.

She had acknowledged her biological parents.

She was the daughter of the Bai family now.

The gap between the Qiao and Bai families was thousands of times greater.

It was normal for her to despise her useless adoptive father.

As he thought about it, Qiao Ruhai felt a blow to his pride.

His expression darkened. “Is this how you speak to your elders? Are you questioning me? Qiao Mianmian, do you think that I’m nothing to you now that you’ve acknowledged your biological parents?

“Don’t forget, you grew up in the Qiao family.

“So what if you’re the daughter of the Bai family? Do you want to put on airs in front of me with this identity? I won’t fall for it!”

Qiao Mianmian was stunned for a few seconds. She looked at Qiao Ruhai’s red face and felt her heart sink.

Her heart went cold.

Qiao Ruhai was still furious. “If you want to acknowledge your biological parents, I won’t stop you. All these years, I’ve been asking about your parents, but I haven’t heard anything. But why did you hide it from me? Even Aunt Lin knows about it, but I’m still kept in the dark.

“Were you planning on never telling me?

“Are you so afraid that I’ll stop you from acknowledging your parents?”

Qiao Mianmian kept quiet throughout.

She only let go of her clenched fists after Qiao Ruhai finished speaking. She smiled and said mockingly, “Dad, so this is the kind of person I am in your heart. I’m ungrateful, cruel, and disrespectful to my father. I even caused my sister to be hospitalized.

“You raised such an ungrateful daughter. Do you regret adopting me?

“I don’t want to talk about Qiao Anxin anymore. Just treat me as an ingrate. I don’t have a sister like her. Only Qiao Chen and you are my family. As for the others, I’ve never treated them as family.

“Of course, they’ve never treated me as family as well. We’re just the same.

“As for my birth parents, I didn’t mean to hide it from you. We’ve already discussed it and found a time to talk to you about it, but now…

“Also, it’s not what you think. I’ve never thought of hiding it from you. I’ve always wanted to tell you.

“But you probably won’t believe anything I say now.

“You’ve already decided that I’m an ingrate.”

Qiao Ruhai frowned.

“I thought this would be a happy meeting, that at least it wouldn’t be as bad as the last time. It seems like I was wrong.” Qiao Mianmian smiled self-deprecatingly. “If it’s just because of Qiao Anxin, then I have nothing to say.”