I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1371 - Come Out With Me, I Have Something to Ask You

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Chapter 1371: Come Out With Me, I Have Something to Ask You

Qiao Mianmian nodded and sent Bai Yusheng a message.

At night, Madam Bai cooked again and got her to eat with Bai Yusheng.

“Uncle Zhao, let’s not go home first. Let’s go to the hospital.” Qiao Mianmian turned to look out of the car window. Her eyes dimmed as she recalled what Qiao Ruhai had just said on the phone.

“Yes, Young Madam.”

Half an hour later, outside the hospital.

Qiao Mianmian got out of the car, put on her mask, and walked into the hospital lobby.

After entering the elevator, she pressed the level Father Qiao told her about.

There were a few female nurses in the elevator.

When Qiao Mianmian entered, she heard them discussing. “Have you seen today’s Weibo hot searches? The melon today is so huge. I’ve been scrolling for the whole day, I can’t stop.”

“The Qiao Mianmian and Qiao Anxin you’re talking about? I’ve been watching it all day. I didn’t expect the plot to turn around like this. To think that I used to think that Qiao Anxin was good. I didn’t expect her to be such a disgusting person.”

“You think she’s good. That’s the good persona the company created for her. Artists these days look the same on the surface, but in private, don’t trust them too much.”

“I heard that Qiao Anxin was sent to our hospital. She said she was still unconscious when she was sent over. Could she have committed suicide?”

“After this incident, her acting career is over. No matter how she tries to clear her name, she won’t be able to.”

“Sigh, do you think men these days smell like shit? I think that Qiao Mianmian is very pretty, like a fairy, much prettier than Qiao Anxin. But Su Ze actually cheated on her.”

“The flowers at home aren’t as fragrant as the wildflowers. No matter how beautiful the woman, she can’t stop men from wanting to eat shit outside.”

No one noticed Qiao Mianmian at all.

It wasn’t until Qiao Mianmian reached her floor and walked out of the elevator that the nurses realized there was another person in the elevator.

“Eh, don’t you think that woman looks familiar?”

“I find him familiar too. I think I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

“I find him familiar too.”

“Let me think. That woman… I remember now. Don’t you think she looks like Qiao Mianmian?”

Qiao Anxin was in the VIP ward.

Qiao Mianmian knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Qiao Ruhai’s voice came from inside.

Qiao Mianmian opened the door and saw Qiao Ruhai and Lin Huizhen sitting by the bed.

The moment she saw her, Lin Huizhen gritted her teeth. “Qiao Mianmian, you’re finally here.”

Qiao Mianmian ignored her and walked towards Qiao Ruhai.

She stopped in front of Qiao Ruhai and called out, “Dad.”

Qiao Ruhai looked more haggard than before.

Qiao Ruhai didn’t respond immediately.

He adjusted the blanket and looked up at Qiao Mianmian. “You’re here.”

“Mm.” Qiao Mianmian recalled the previous fight and looked at Qiao Ruhai’s cold expression. She felt a little sour. “Dad, are you feeling unwell recently?”

“It’s the same, it’s nothing much.” Qiao Ruhai looked at her again and stood up. “Come out with me, I have something to ask you.”

With that, he left the ward.

Qiao Mianmian looked down at Qiao Anxin, who was still unconscious. A few seconds later, she turned around and left the ward.