I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1368 - Qiao Mianmian, Are You Still Human?

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Chapter 1368: Qiao Mianmian, Are You Still Human?

“Actually, Qiao Mianmian is pitiful too. Her mother passed away early, and her father remarried. The stepmother also teamed up with her daughter to bully her and her brother. But she’s finally made it. Her boyfriend dotes on her a lot. He definitely won’t let anyone bully her anymore.”

“Yes, I used to dislike Qiao Mianmian a lot. Now that I think about it, she’s really quite pitiful. I suddenly can’t hate her anymore.”

“They said that Qiao Mianmian didn’t have much of a role in the industry for the past few years. With her sister scheming against her, what good resources could she get?”

“Hahaha, so that scheming bitch Qiao Mianmian is going to play the sympathy card now?”

“Even if Qiao Anxin isn’t a good person, I still hate Qiao Mianmian! She’s a green tea b*tch, there’s no way to clear her name!”

“Hate Qiao Mianmian+1”

“Hate Qiao Mianmian+10086.”

“You said you hate Qiao Mianmian, but our Mianmian wants you to like her? Mianmian is as good as Mianmian likes her. Who cares if you like her or not? I’m afraid you’ve seen your master’s ugly true colors being exposed. Are you guys desperate?”

“It’s obvious that Qiao Anxin’s fans are desperate.”

The scandals destroyed Qiao Anxin’s image.

The negative news about her continued to increase.

Many people knew that Qiao Anxin wouldn’t be able to make a comeback this time.

Everyone pushed the wall down.

Moreover, Qiao Anxin’s personality was never likable.

Once her negative news was released, no one in the industry spoke up for her. It was obvious how bad her interpersonal relationship was.

Some of the fake sisters who seemed to be on good terms with her also chose to cut ties with her immediately.

Anyone could tell that Qiao Anxin was doomed this time.

Su Ze used to help her.

But now, they had already broken up. The Su Corporation had been acquired by the Mo Corporation, and even Su Ze couldn’t protect himself.

Everyone applauded their ending.

“Wow, Mianmian, Qiao Anxin definitely can’t turn things around. Serves her right. It’s so satisfying to see her like this. You fought really well.”

Nana was scrolling through Weibo excitedly.

“I really didn’t expect her to be so mean and bully her assistant. Moreover, she bullied that assistant because she felt that she looked like you. This is too perverted.”

Nana thought about how Qiao Mianmian treated her and was glad that she wasn’t with a pervert like Qiao Anxin.

In comparison, Qiao Mianmian was practically an angel.

Qiao Mianmian looked at the comments about Qiao Anxin and exited Weibo a while later.

She didn’t want Qiao Anxin to die.

Qiao Anxin deserved it.

She no longer cared about Qiao Anxin’s future.

But according to the dirt now, Qiao Anxin was the same as Huang Yilin. She definitely wouldn’t be able to turn things around.

Her cell phone suddenly rang.

Qiao Mianmian looked down and saw the caller ID. She narrowed her eyes and picked it up after a few seconds.

The moment the call went through, an angry voice came from the phone. “Qiao Mianmian, are you still human? Are you only satisfied after Anxin dies?”