I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1367 - Hit Her Assistant Often

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Chapter 1367: Hit Her Assistant Often

The person who exposed it said: “I was there too. Qiao Mianmian’s performance was really good. She’s not the flower vase you think she is. I’m not a fake reviewer, and I don’t have any interactions with her in private. I just feel that it’s unfair to say that she’s a flower vase before seeing her performance.”

“Since everyone is exposing it, I’ll expose one too. Qiao Mianmian also came to our production team for an audition. Honestly speaking, she’s really not the kind of flower vase with no acting skills you think she is. Our director also admired her and said that her performance was very lively and her appearance was good. She’d definitely be popular in the future. Of course, the reason why she wasn’t used in the end wasn’t that her performance was bad. You all know the reason.”

“Let me tell you something I know too. I’ve always known that Qiao Anxin isn’t like her on the surface. Mm, I’m a former employee of Star Splendor. When I was still in Star Splendor, I saw Qiao Anxin bullying her assistant more than once. It’s common for her to slap her assistant. What’s even more unexpected is that she hit her assistant because she felt that her assistant resembled Qiao Mianmian.

“I’m telling the truth about Qiao Anxin hitting her assistant. That female assistant is only 19 years old, and she’s a pretty girl with a soft personality. We were all furious when we saw her being bullied by Qiao Anxin. But back then, Qiao Anxin used her relationship with Su Ze to lord over Star Splendor, so how could we dare to say anything about her? It’s only because she’s down on her luck that we dared to expose her.”

Not long later.

Someone found the female assistant’s Weibo post.

She saw the latest post by the female assistant. It wasn’t long after Qiao Anxin’s scandal.

The female assistant’s Weibo name was “Ruan Chao Hardworking”.

Ruan Ruanchao tried her best: “Good and evil will always be rewarded. It’s not that it’s not time.”

Someone scrolled through the female assistant’s Weibo account and felt heartache.

It turned out that the female assistant had been suffering from depression for a while.

And the reason why she was depressed was that she was unhappy at work every day and was in a state of depression and fear. She said on Weibo that she was afraid that her employer would slap her if she didn’t do well.

She said that she never relaxed when facing her employer.

She didn’t know why her employer would always say that she looked like another person every time she hit her. She said that she was angry at her and wanted to hit her.

The employer the assistant was referring to was definitely Qiao Anxin.

Hence, the Weibo posts she posted previously proved what the person said.

Qiao Anxin often hit her assistant.

And the reason she hit the assistant was that she looked like Qiao Mianmian.

It was obvious how much she hated Qiao Mianmian.

The netizens were shocked.

“Gosh, Qiao Anxin is too scary. What right does she have to hit a female assistant? She’s only working in Star Splendor, she’s not a slave. I really didn’t expect her to be as scary as a witch.”

“What a disgrace. Shouldn’t a female artiste like Qiao Anxin be banned? This female assistant is so pitiful. She’s been bullied into depression. Thankfully, she’s out of her misery.”