I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1366 - Ambulance, Call the Ambulance!

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Chapter 1366: Ambulance, Call the Ambulance!

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If he still spoke up for her under such circumstances, he would definitely be criticized.

Qiao Anxin saw the comments scolding her.

She quickly deleted the post.

But it was useless.

Someone had already taken a screenshot of that Weibo post and saved the photos. It was all about her and Su Ze’s intimate positions.

She wanted to spend money to get the public relations to help her settle this.

But after she terminated her contract with Star Splendor, she hadn’t found a company yet. There wasn’t a public relations team to help her with her matters.

She wanted to spend money to remove the trending topics, but someone told her directly that they couldn’t remove her trending topics, nor did they dare to.

Qiao Anxin’s popularity was increasing.

# Qiao Anxin is immoral, I suggest ban #

# Qiao Anxin Get Out of the Entertainment Industry #

# Qiao Anxin’s fans plummeted by a million. #

A series of trending topics took up the top five spots.

Qiao Anxin had been on the hot searches before.

But this was the first time it was trending in a negative way.

In less than an hour, her fans had fallen by more than a million.

And it was still falling.

Even the blogger of her fan club, who had the most followers, stood forward to announce that he was no longer a fan. He said that he wouldn’t update any Weibo posts related to Qiao Anxin anymore and that all the previous posts had been deleted.

Qiao Anxin had suffered a huge loss.

At the same time, some brands who had signed contracts with Qiao Anxin also stood forward and announced that they wanted to terminate their partnership with her. Because Qiao Anxin’s scandal affected their brands, they wanted to sue her for compensation.

Qiao Anxin had signed many advertisement contracts when she was most popular.

And they were all top-tier brands.

When signing the contract, it was written in black and white: If the artiste creates a scandal while contracted with the brand, it will affect the brand’s image. The artiste has to compensate for the brand’s losses.

The compensation wasn’t a small sum.

Qiao Anxin signed four or five advertisements that year.

Someone calculated that the compensation alone would cost hundreds of millions.

This sum of money wasn’t small even for a very profitable artiste.

When the brands called her one after another and requested for her to terminate the contract and compensate for the losses, Qiao Anxin was so angry and anxious that she fainted on the spot.

On the other side, Lin Huizhen heard the commotion.

She pushed the door open and saw Qiao Anxin lying motionless on the ground.

She was so shocked that her face turned pale. She grabbed Qiao Anxin’s arm and shook it a few times. “Anxin, what’s wrong? Don’t scare Mom.”

“Someone, come quickly.” Lin Huizhen shook Qiao Anxin a few times, but she still didn’t wake up. She screamed, “Ambulance, call the ambulance!”

Because of Qiao Mianmian’s post, many people felt sympathy for her after knowing that she was bullied by her stepmother and stepsister.

Most people sympathized with the weak.

The netizens seemed to realize that this newbie, who was often criticized on Weibo, hadn’t been doing well.

It turned out that she lived in an unhappy family.

Someone revealed that Qiao Mianmian had been to their set for an audition. The director was actually quite satisfied with her, but after Qiao Anxin talked with him, the director didn’t want to offend her, so he found an excuse to fire Qiao Mianmian.