I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1354 - I Won’t Stand by and Do Nothing

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Chapter 1354: I Won’t Stand by and Do Nothing

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Rumors were always easily believed.

Not many people believed the truth.

Qiao Mianmian knew very well that even if she immediately posted on Weibo that Lin Huizhen was framing her, not many people would believe her.

Unless she could prove it.

Nana was stunned for a moment before nodding. “Yes, I’m just too angry at your stepmother for framing you. What do you plan to do now? Are you going to gather evidence?”


Qiao Mianmian didn’t seem anxious at all. “We have to gather evidence first. There’s no rush, let’s talk after work.”

As someone who was often defamed, Qiao Mianmian was already used to it.

She didn’t want to care about public opinion anymore.

She couldn’t find any evidence to prove that Lin Huizhen was lying.

Sometime later, many of the crew members had seen Lin Huizhen’s interview. They looked at Qiao Mianmian differently.

Qin Han’s manager also glanced at Qiao Mianmian.

It was a look of disdain.

The manager lowered his head and whispered something to Qin Han. After a while, Qin Han turned to look at Qiao Mianmian.

Qiao Mianmian saw his frown and turned back.

She wasn’t affected by the negative comments and insults from the netizens, but Qin Han’s frown affected her.

Qin Han was her idol.

She felt that it wasn’t a big deal for passersby to misunderstand her.

But if Qin Han misunderstood her too, she would feel sad.

Just as Qiao Mianmian thought that Qin Han believed the interview and was feeling a little upset, she saw Qin Han walking towards her.

She felt that Qin Han was coming to ask her about Lin Huizhen’s complaint.

Just as she was thinking of an explanation, Qin Han stopped in front of her and looked down at her. “Mianmian, I just heard about your stepmother’s complaint.”

“No, Senior, I…” Qiao Mianmian was anxious to explain.

Qin Han interrupted her. “I believe you won’t do those things. Did you have a conflict with your stepmother? The public opinion on Weibo is very disadvantageous to you now. Have you thought of how to deal with it?”

Qin Han wasn’t a busybody.

He and Qiao Mianmian had only known each other for two days, so they weren’t considered close.

They weren’t friends.

But he admired this newbie. Even though they’d only known each other for two days, he believed that she wasn’t the kind of person the news reported.

It was rare to have a junior he admired.

He wanted to help her.

Qiao Mianmian didn’t expect that.

She thought that Qin Han believed those rumors.

But unexpectedly…

She was touched.

“Senior, thank you for believing me.” Qiao Mianmian smiled. “I’m really happy that you believe me. I have some conflicts with my stepmother, and what she said isn’t true.

“Senior, don’t worry. I’ll settle this. Thank you for your concern and trust.”

At this moment, Qiao Mianmian felt that she really didn’t idolize the wrong person.

“That’s good.” Qin Han smiled. “If you need my help, just let me know. Your cousin and I are good friends, and you’re his sister. I won’t stand by and do nothing.”