I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1342 - This Isn’t as Easy as She Thinks!

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Chapter 1342: This Isn’t as Easy as She Thinks!

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If an artiste like Qiao Anxin was banned, she would fall from heaven to hell.

She was a celebrity.

If she couldn’t survive in the entertainment industry, she had to find other jobs.

But Qiao Anxin wouldn’t do anything else.

Even if she knew how to do it, she couldn’t afford to find an ordinary job.

The door was pushed open.

Lin Huizhen walked in with a worried expression. “Anxin, why isn’t that slut Qiao Mianmian doing anything? Could we be overthinking? Actually, she never thought of taking revenge on us.”

Lin Huizhen knew about Qiao Anxin’s failure.

She was more worried about Qiao Mianmian’s revenge.

For the past few days, both mother and daughter had been feeling uneasy.

Lin Huizhen entered the bedroom and saw Qiao Anxin sitting by the bed with a pale face.

She was stunned and quickly walked over. “Why, did something happen? Did Qiao Mianmian do something?”

Qiao Anxin bit her lip, her eyes full of hatred. She looked up at Lin Huizhen. “Mom, that slut wants to ban me.”

“What did you say?” Lin Huizhen tensed up. “How did you know?”

Qiao Anxin told Lin Huizhen about the few contract terminations she received.

Lin Huizhen’s expression changed again.

The Qiao family was getting worse year by year.

Lin Huizhen couldn’t count on Father Qiao anymore.

Her only hope now was her daughter.

She thought that no matter what, her daughter was a celebrity and was good at earning money.

It was enough for her to live a carefree life.

But if Qiao Anxin was really banned and couldn’t be in the entertainment industry anymore, would she still be able to live like this?

Qiao Mianmian was going to kill them.

Lin Huizhen’s expression darkened as she gritted her teeth. “That slut is so heartless. You’re her sister, and she actually wants to kill you. Didn’t she think that without the Qiao family, she wouldn’t be where she is today?

“She’s leading a comfortable life now and wants us to feel uncomfortable. This isn’t as easy as she thinks!”

Qiao Anxin gritted her teeth. “But she has been acknowledged by the Bai family and is no longer the same person. I can’t stop her from blacklisting me.”

Both the Bai and Mo families were enough to ban her.

The little slut was still related to both families.

Qiao Anxin hated and feared Qiao Mianmian now.

She hated Qiao Mianmian to the core and wanted her dead.

She was afraid that Qiao Mianmian would retaliate.

“So what?” Lin Huizhen sneered. “The Qiao family has done her a favor, but she actually treated you like this. She’s an ingrate. I’m going to find that slut now and ask her why she treated you like this.

“And the Bai family. The Qiao family has done them a favor. If your dad hadn’t helped adopt that slut, she might have died long ago. If the Bai family dares to treat you badly, I’ll make this news!

“Look at how shameless they are!”

“Mom, I…” Qiao Anxin was still afraid of Mo Yesi and Bai Yusheng.

“Anyway, the Qiao family is already like this, and you’re being blacklisted by that slut. What’s there to be afraid of? If that slut doesn’t want us to have it easy, she won’t have it easy either.”