I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1332 - I Hope You Can Take Care of Her

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Chapter 1332: I Hope You Can Take Care of Her

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It didn’t seem appropriate to continue calling him Brother Bai.

But calling him brother now…

Bai Yusheng could guess what she was thinking.

He took the initiative to ease the awkwardness. “If you haven’t had breakfast, the production crew has prepared it. I’ll get someone to bring you there. Did you not rest well last night? If you’re not in a good state, you can start work later. You can rest for a while.”

Everyone was shocked.

When Qin Han looked at Qiao Mianmian again, his gaze was a little different.

He had never heard of Bai Yusheng being so accommodating to any actor.

In order to let the actors rest well, they could even change the start of the shoot.

Qin Han wouldn’t have such treatment.

This Qiao Mianmian…

Previously, someone said that she and Bai Yusheng were relatives and that she was Bai Yusheng’s cousin. But even if she was his cousin, he couldn’t be so accommodating.

His biological sister was more like it!

Even Qin Han was shocked and turned to look at Qiao Mianmian.

“No need, I had a good rest last night and already had breakfast. Director Bai, is the filming starting soon? I’ll go and revise the script.” Others didn’t know why Bai Yusheng was so good to her, but Qiao Mianmian knew.

She nodded at him and walked away.

Qin Han followed Bai Yusheng’s gaze and looked in the direction where Qiao Mianmian left. He looked at Bai Yusheng thoughtfully and said, “Before I entered the set, I heard that Miss Qiao is Director Bai’s cousin? Director Bai dotes on you.”

Qin Han didn’t like people with connections.

After knowing that Qiao Mianmian had connections, none of them wanted to film this drama.

But he owed Bai Yusheng a favor.

Moreover, he knew very well the quality of Director Bai Yusheng’s show. Hence, he had no reason to reject him.

But even though he was here, he was still unhappy with Qiao Mianmian.

When Qin Han wasn’t so popular, he met many people with connections.

They were all pretty vases with no acting skills at all. Their crying scenes were all based on eye drops, and their expressions didn’t change much from the start to the end.

No matter how unhappy Qin Han was, he had to accept it.

He was tormented in those years.

Hence, he kept a distance from his contacts.

After seeing Qiao Mianmian’s appearance, he was almost sure that she was a pretty face without any acting skills.

If it wasn’t for the favor, he would have left the set already.

Bai Yusheng retracted his gaze and glanced at Qin Han. He smiled and asked directly, “Why, are you worried that I’ll use my private power to arrange a vase for you to act as an opponent?”

Qin Han was stunned. He didn’t expect Bai Yusheng to be so direct. He said awkwardly, “Why would I be worried about someone you arranged?”

“Don’t worry.” Bai Yusheng patted him on the shoulder and said proudly, “Mianmian is definitely not the pretty face you think she is. Her acting isn’t as good as the old actors, but as a newcomer, she’s already very good.

“Qin Han, you’re a senior and a professional in acting. I hope you can teach her well. If she has anything she doesn’t understand, I hope you can teach her.”