I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1329 - He's So Handsome in Person

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Chapter 1329: He’s So Handsome in Person

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Jiang Luoli hadn’t expected this movie.

She never thought that Mo Shixiu would really take the time to watch a movie with her.

After all, he was dedicated to his work.

She felt that even if he had time, he wouldn’t spend it on meaningless things.

Hence, she didn’t hold much hope.

Unexpectedly, he agreed immediately.

Mo Shixiu took the sunglasses and mask she handed him and then answered her question seriously. “You won’t like that. Since it’s a date, then use the method you like. If you don’t like too many people, then I can get someone to clear the place in advance.”

“No.” Jiang Luoli felt her heartbeat quicken again. “It’s good to have more people around. I’m just worried that it will affect you.”

Mo Shixiu chuckled.

“Haven’t you prepared everything for me?” He looked at the sunglasses and mask in his hand and smiled. “I haven’t seen a movie in years. It might be a good experience.”

Jiang Luoli was still hesitating when a hand suddenly reached out, causing her to look up.

“Let’s go, take me to the movies.” Mo Shixiu reached out a hand and smiled gently. “If we delay any longer, we’ll be late. I’ve worked overtime for a few days for tonight’s movie. Don’t let me work overtime for nothing.”

Jiang Luoli always felt that Mo Shixiu wasn’t good at relationships.

As a result, their relationship didn’t develop further.

They were still friends.

But at this moment, as she looked at the man’s hand, her previous thoughts changed.

Mo Shixiu wasn’t dense.

So, he was good at making women happy.

Jiang Luoli smiled and extended her hand.

Mo Shixiu held her hand naturally.

The man’s palm was warm and dry. Jiang Luoli felt as if her palm had been electrocuted.

The electric current flowed through her palm and into her heart.

At that moment, her heart skipped a beat.

The next morning, Qiao Mianmian woke up.

She packed up and took Nana and A.J. to the set.

The advantage of having a male assistant was that he could carry all the bags.

Mo Yesi arranged for someone to pick her up.

As they arrived at the set in a Land Rover, Qiao Mianmian saw a black van stop beside them.

The car door opened and two people got out first.

The last person to come out was Qin Han, the male lead that Bai Yusheng found.

Qiao Mianmian had only seen Qin Han on television before. This was the first time she saw him in person.

Qin Han was already handsome enough on television.

But he looked much better in person.

He looked very masculine and charming.

Nana was also a fan of his, and she almost screamed when she saw him.

“Wow, Mianmian, it’s Qin Han.” Nana didn’t know that the new male lead was Qin Han. She covered her mouth in excitement and exclaimed, “Sister Mianmian, why is Qin Han here?

“Gosh, he’s so handsome in person.”

Qiao Mianmian already knew that Qin Han was going to act with her.