I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1326 - Who Dares to TouChapter My Person?

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Chapter 1326: Who Dares to Touch My Person?

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Mo Shixiu thought for a while and smiled. “I really can’t answer this question. Even I don’t have an answer in my heart. Perhaps if I look at her alone, she won’t meet my standards in many ways.

“But there’s no standard for liking someone. There’s no reason for liking someone. Just follow your heart. Your heart won’t lie to you.”

Mo Yesi felt that it would be suitable for his brother to become a monk.

He had comprehended a set of principles.

And he felt that it made sense.

He never thought about what he liked about Qiao Mianmian.

After falling in love with her, he felt that she was good in every way.

“Then, Big Brother, I hope you can protect her well.” Mo Yesi knew how good Jiang Luoli’s relationship with Qiao Mianmian was, so he was naturally more attentive towards her. “You’re not very safe now. If others find out that you have a woman, I’m afraid they will target her.”

Mo Shixiu was silent for a while. He frowned and thought of something.

A moment later, he narrowed his eyes and said, “Who dares to touch my people? I won’t give them a chance.”

He had considered everything the moment he chose to be with Jiang Luoli.

If he couldn’t even protect her, how could he guarantee her future happiness?

“Miss Jiang, Mister is back.”

Jiang Luoli was choosing her clothes for the date.

She had already moved to Mo Shixiu’s place.

They were living under the same roof now, but it wasn’t to the extent of sharing a bedroom.

Jiang Luoli stayed in a room alone. Her room was very close to Mo Shixiu’s bedroom and was on the first floor.

Jiang Luoli didn’t know what it was like to be in a relationship.

Anyway, what about her relationship with Mo Shixiu?

They were officially dating.

But they weren’t as close as a couple.

Mo Shixiu looked like a gentleman, but he was actually a little inept in relationships.

Taking the initiative was practically non-existent with him.

As a girl, no matter how extroverted Jiang Luoli was, she couldn’t be too proactive in matters of the heart.

Hence, the two of them… continued to date each other.

Jiang Luoli didn’t know if this was a good idea.

Mo Shixiu was good to her in all aspects except for his lack of initiative in relationships.

He cared about her enough.

He was willing to spend money on her.

He wouldn’t reject any of her requests.

He was very obedient to her.

A man like him was a genius.

Jiang Luoli was actually very satisfied with her current state.

Jiang Luoli picked a peach-colored dress that showed off her figure, changed into it, and tidied her hair before walking out of the bedroom.

Sister Lin was waiting for her outside the bedroom.

Seeing that she was out, she sized her up and smiled. “This dress is nice. Miss Jiang, you look beautiful in it. When Mister sees it later, his eyes will definitely light up.”

Jiang Luoli had a good figure.

She was 1.7 meters tall and her figure was well proportioned. Her long legs were especially eye-catching.