I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1323 - This Move Is Really Good

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Chapter 1323: This Move Is Really Good

Although Old Madam left her some face and didn’t directly accuse her of gossiping, how could Madam Mo not know that Old Madam was talking about her and Second Madam?

Old Madam found out about it the moment she returned.

She pulled her along and scolded her.

Madam Mo’s face was a little pale. Still a little unconvinced, she held it in and said, “Mom, it’s precisely because it concerns our Mo family’s bloodline that we should be especially careful. Our Mo family isn’t ordinary. Who doesn’t want to have a status in the Mo family?

“Yashi and I are also afraid that someone will take the opportunity to sneak in. We did do something wrong, but we did it for the Mo family’s good.

“Mom, don’t you think this is too much of a coincidence?

“You’ve been looking for that child for so many years, but you still haven’t found him. Qiao Mianmian just married into the Mo family, and that child was found so quickly. The first time she brought her brother home, she made you think that he was a member of the Mo family. Then, she did a paternity test and confirmed this. Don’t you think everything went too smoothly? It was so smooth that it seemed like someone had arranged it.

“Perhaps you were just happy to see the paternity test results and didn’t think about anything else. But I just feel that there’s something wrong.”

“Enough.” Old Madam scolded angrily. “Shut up. If you continue talking nonsense, don’t blame me for not giving you face in front of the two children.”

Madam Mo bit her lip. “Mom, I’m doing this for the good of this family. I know you don’t like to hear these words, but the truth is against your ears! If we let those people with ill intentions get away with it, the Mo family will really have no peace in the future!”

“Mom, are you saying that Mianmian has ill intentions?” Mo Yesi suddenly asked.

His voice was cold.

Madam Mo turned around and met his cold eyes. Even if it was her own son, she couldn’t help but shiver.

Sometimes, she was a little afraid of her youngest son.

Madam Mo pursed her lips. The look she exchanged with Mo Yesi made her feel a little insecure. “Whether it is or not, she knows it herself.”

She heard Mo Yesi sneer.

“So, what do you mean? Ask Chen Chen to perform another paternity test? Let the person you find do it, so you can believe it?”

Madam Mo was stunned.

“Then, Mom and Second Aunt can make a fake paternity test to prove that Mianmian and Chen Chen teamed up to lie to us? Then, you can take this opportunity to get Mianmian and me to divorce. Because of this, Grandma won’t object. As for Second Aunt, you don’t have to worry about Chen Chen acknowledging his ancestors and going back, threatening her and her nephew’s status.

“This is indeed a good move. It can resolve your troubles and Second Aunt’s troubles. So, you forced Mianmian to admit that she bribed Grandma’s doctor for a fake paternity test.”

Seeing the panic on Madam Mo’s face, Mo Yesi smiled and looked straight into her eyes. “I wonder if you came up with this plan, Mom, or Second Aunt? I think it should be Second Aunt. She knew you didn’t like Mianmian and told you about it. You heard it and were tempted.”