I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1320 - There’s Something Happier to Tell You

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Chapter 1320: There’s Something Happier to Tell You

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Could it be that Mo Yesi was tired of Shen Rou’s harassment and wanted her to marry quickly?

Shen Yuncheng guessed for a while and looked troubled. “Yesi, you know Rourou. She has always had her own opinions and doesn’t usually listen to me. This marriage…”

“Uncle Shen, I’ve already stated the condition. You can consider it before replying to me. Of course, Uncle Shen needs time to consider, and I need time here too. If Uncle Shen still hasn’t thought it through by the end of today, we can forget about the cooperation.

“Those projects can earn money, but frankly, they’re not tempting enough for me.”

Shen Yuncheng was still in a daze.

Mo Yesi called Wei Zheng in to send him off.

After work.

Mo Yesi didn’t return to his villa but returned to the Mo Residence.

He had to talk to Madam Mo about some things.

When he got out of the car, Mo Yesi saw a familiar car parked beside him.

It was Mo Shixiu’s black and gold Rolls-Royce.

He asked Uncle Zhang, “Brother is back?”

“Mm, First Young Master just arrived. He’s talking to Madam now.”

Mo Yesi raised an eyebrow. “He’s been very free recently. He’s been home twice this month. How rare. Do you know why he’s back?”

Uncle Zhang shook his head. “Young Master didn’t say, but Young Master looks a little different from last time?”

“Different?” Mo Yesi walked out of the garage and threw the car keys at him. “What’s different?”

“This… I can’t say for sure. I just feel that Young Master has a smile on his face. He rarely smiled in the past. Moreover, Young Master seems to be in a good mood. He must have encountered something good.”

Mo Yesi stopped in his tracks.

He thought of something and smiled. “Mm, it should be a happy occasion. I’ll ask him.”

They entered the lobby.

Mo Yesi saw Old Madam, Madam Mo, and Mo Shixiu sitting in the living room.

Uncle Zhang reported, “Second Young Master is back.”

The Old Madam turned around first and saw her second grandson. She smiled and waved. “Ah Si, come over quickly. I have something to tell you.”

Mo Yesi quickly walked towards her.

He first greeted her and then asked with a smile, “Grandma, what’s the good news? You’re so happy.”

He looked at Mo Shixiu, who was sitting opposite him, and asked with a faint smile, “Could it be that my brother finally has a crush on a woman?”

Mo Shixiu held a cup of tea and glanced at him.

Although he didn’t say a word, he didn’t refute his words.

Mo Yesi knew that he was right.

This was indeed related to Jiang Luoli.

It seemed like his brother was a man of action. He was even more efficient in dating than at work.

He told his family about this not long after he confirmed his relationship with Jiang Luoli.

At this rate, Jiang Luoli would really become his sister-in-law soon.

“You know your brother best.” Old Madam’s eyes were filled with joy. “Isn’t your brother already with a woman? But Shixiu, why didn’t he bring her back for us to take a look?”

“Grandma, it’s not that I don’t want to bring her back. It’s just that we’ve only been together for a while, and I’m afraid I’ll scare her if I mention meeting her parents.”