I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1319 - Marry Out Within a Month

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Chapter 1319: Marry Out Within a Month


Shen Yuncheng’s expression changed. “But what?”

Mo Yesi smiled and said, “Business is business. If there’s a small problem with the Shen Corporation, it’s alright for the Mo family to help. It’s just a small matter. But Uncle Shen should know very well what the Shen Corporation’s current situation is like.

“This isn’t something that the Mo family can help with.

“Uncle Shen’s company has suffered so many losses. Even if the Mo family wants to help, they have to spend a huge sum of money to make up for it. If it’s just because of the friendship between the two families, I’m afraid I can’t agree to Uncle Shen.”

Shen Yuncheng didn’t look surprised.

The Shen and Mo families did have many years of friendship, but it was also sustained by many benefits.

Moreover, the two families were closer when Old Master Mo was still around.

After Old Master Mo passed away due to his illness, the relationship between the Shen and Mo families had deteriorated.

They talked less.

He naturally didn’t want the Mo family to help him without any compensation.

“Yesi, of course, I won’t be so thick-skinned as to ask for the Mo family’s help for free. If the Mo family can help the Shen Corporation survive this crisis, the money invested will be considered shares of the Shen Corporation. The Shen Corporation has a few very profitable projects, but they can’t continue because of the funds. If someone is willing to invest, they can definitely earn money.

“I’ve brought the relevant information about those projects. As long as you’ve seen them, you’ll know whether these projects can earn money.”

Shen Yuncheng took out some documents from his bag and handed them over.

Mo Yesi took them and casually flipped through them before throwing them on the table.

He had already gotten someone to investigate the Shen Corporation’s current situation.

He knew very well whether the projects Shen Yuncheng handed him could earn money.

“Uncle Shen, I took a look at the projects. They’re really not bad.”

Shen Yuncheng’s face lit up. “Then…”

“I can consider investing, but…”

“But what?” Shen Yuncheng quickly said. “As long as I can help the Shen Corporation tide through this crisis, I can agree to any request.”

Now, the Mo family was the Shen family’s only hope.

No matter what, he wanted Mo Yesi to agree to help the Shen Corporation.

Otherwise, the Shen Corporation would really be finished.

Hence, when Shen Yuncheng saw that Mo Yesi had relented, even though he didn’t know what his request was, he quickly agreed.

Mo Yesi kept quiet for a while before saying calmly, “This request shouldn’t be difficult for Uncle Shen. As long as Uncle Shen can get your daughter to marry out within a month, I’ll agree to invest in the Shen Corporation.”

Shen Yucheng looked surprised. After a while, he asked, “You mean Rourou?”

“Of course.” Mo Yesi looked at him and said, “Your second daughter isn’t an adult yet, of course, I’m not talking about her.”

Shen Yuncheng was stunned again.

He didn’t expect Mo Yesi to make such a request.

He thought that Mo Yesi would take the opportunity to ask for more shares, but he actually wanted Shen Rou to get married as soon as possible.

Shen Yuncheng knew that Shen Rou liked Mo Yesi.

But his daughter had always been single.