I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1318 - Can You Help the Shen Corporation Once

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Chapter 1318: Can You Help the Shen Corporation Once

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“Yesi, did I delay your rest?” Shen Yuncheng looked at this young and promising junior and sighed.

When he found out that Mo Yesi was returning to take over the Mo Corporation, he didn’t think much of this junior.

He even felt that it was too childish to hand over such a huge corporation to a young man under 25.

But now…

Mo Yesi had only managed the Mo Corporation for less than a year, and in this year, he had almost doubled the Mo Corporation’s past performance.

This result shocked many people in the industry.

Some people were talented in certain things.

This talent was something that others couldn’t compare to no matter how hard they tried.

Mo Yesi had such talent in management.

He was born to be a leader.

The current Shen Yuncheng no longer dared to judge this junior.

Now that he had a favor to ask of him, he lowered his stance even more.

“I don’t usually rest so early, there’s no need to disturb me.” Mo Yesi was still polite.

“That’s good.” Shen Yuncheng was a shrewd businessman. He was naturally better at reading people’s expressions.

Even though Mo Yesi was polite to him and seemed to respect him as an elder, he could feel that this was just on the surface.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had to wait for five hours for this meeting.

The Mo and Shen families were old friends.

All these years, the two families had never had any animosity.

Shen Yuncheng had some understanding of these two juniors of the Mo family. Even though the Shen family was no longer as powerful as before, the Mo family would definitely not be anxious to cut ties with them and do something like adding insult to injury.

No matter how much he thought about it, the Shen family hadn’t done anything to offend the Mo family recently.

But Mo Yesi made him wait for five hours.

He definitely didn’t just know that he was at the Mo Corporation now.

He deliberately made him wait for five hours.

“Uncle Shen, sit down. Wei Zheng, go make a cup of tea.” Mo Yesi invited Shen Yuncheng to sit down before returning to his desk.

“I wonder why Uncle Shen is looking for me.” Mo Yesi asked even though he knew the answer.

Shen Yuncheng cared about his face.

Hence, after the Shen Corporation had a problem, they kept trying to hide it.

Now that the Shen Corporation was about to collapse, he had no choice but to seek help.

He sat on the sofa with his hands clasped together.

Mo Yesi didn’t rush him.

Shen Yuncheng hesitated for about a minute before finally saying, “Yesi, I came today… to ask you for a favor. I believe you know about the Shen Corporation’s current situation. If it wasn’t for the fact that we had no choice, Uncle Shen wouldn’t have come to you to ask for help.

“But now, only the Mo family can help.

“So, Yesi… can you help the Shen Corporation this once?

“As long as we can survive this crisis, the Shen Corporation…”

“Uncle Shen.” Before he could finish speaking, Mo Yesi raised his hand and interrupted him. He looked at him calmly and said, “I know why you’re here. I’ve heard about the Shen Corporation’s current situation. The Shen and Mo families have been friends for so many years. Logically speaking, now that something has happened to the Shen family, our Mo family has to help if we can.”