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Chapter 1317: Memorized

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She ate seriously and kept her head down.

Hence, she didn’t notice that Gong Zeli’s eyes were on her the whole time.

After observing her favorite dishes, Gong Zeli remembered the names.

After dinner, Qiao Mianmian suggested going back.

Gong Zeli didn’t insist and drove her back to the apartment.

They didn’t say anything along the way.

When they reached the apartment, Gong Zeli stopped the car and Qiao Mianmian unbuckled her seatbelt. “Mr. Gong, thank you for dinner and thank you for sending me back. I’ll get going, then. Drive safe.”

With that, she opened the car door.

Just as she got out of the car, the man behind her suddenly said, “The jewelry company under the Gong Corporation is about to launch a new product. We haven’t found a suitable spokesperson yet. I think your temperament and image are very suitable. I want to sign you. You… should consider it.”

As if afraid that Qiao Mianmian wouldn’t believe him, he immediately added, “I’m serious. I’ll get someone to contact your manager. I hope you’ll seriously consider it. We haven’t talked to anyone about this endorsement. I promise it won’t happen again.

“And your ex-fiancé, I’ll get someone to keep an eye on him. You don’t have to worry about him harassing you again.”

Gong Zeli stared at the girl for a while before closing the door.

A minute later.

Qiao Mianmian watched as his silver Lamborghini drove out of the underground parking lot.

She stood there for a while before turning to leave.

Mo Corporation.

It was almost 10 pm when Mo Yesi was done with the last document.

Wei Zheng was with him.

“Chairman Mo.” Wei Zheng knocked on the door and entered.

Mo Yesi threw the fountain pen on the table and leaned back, rubbing his temple. “Has he left?”

“No,” Wei Zheng replied. “He’s still waiting downstairs.”

Mo Yesi smiled. “He’s still here. It seems like he has to wait for me.”

“Chairman Mo, the Shen Corporation’s share price started to fall again this afternoon. Shen Yuncheng went to someone else to get investments, but he seems to have been rejected. His only hope now is that Chairman Mo can help him.

“So, he definitely wants to see Chairman Mo today.”

Mo Yesi looked at the time and smiled. “After waiting for five hours, it seems like the Shen Corporation’s situation isn’t optimistic.”

“Does Chairman Mo want to see him?” Wei Zheng asked.

“Yes.” Mo Yesi chuckled. “Since he waited for five hours, I’ll meet him. Bring him up.”

“Chairman Mo wants to invest in the Shen Corporation?” Wei Zheng hesitated for a while before asking. “The Shen Corporation has created too big a hole. It won’t be easy to help them turn the situation around.

“Although Chairman Mo definitely can do it, it would take a lot of work and effort to help out.”

“I know what to do. You don’t have to bother about this. Bring him here.”

“…Yes, Chairman Mo.”

As a subordinate, Wei Zheng could only make some suggestions.

Whether his Boss accepted it or not was none of his business.

A moment later.

Shen Yuncheng was brought into the office by Wei Zheng.

“Uncle Shen.”

Mo Yesi was good at keeping up appearances. When he saw Shen Yuncheng, he got up and greeted him politely.