I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1315 - Then... Do You Hate Me?

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Chapter 1315: Then… Do You Hate Me?

She felt that Gong Zeli was too strange.

He suddenly… seemed to treat her very well.

If Qiao Mianmian felt that she could get the MC endorsement because of Mo Yesi, her thoughts had changed now.

Because what Gong Zeli said just now… was beyond saving face.

Especially the last sentence.

Qiao Mianmian took a deep breath and tried her best to ignore the strange feeling in her heart. She placed a hand on the table and clenched her fingers. She slowly said, “Mr. Gong, I think you might have misunderstood me. The reason I terminated my contract with MC wasn’t because of the price or dissatisfaction with the brand.

“Mr. Gong’s contract fee is already very high, why would I still be dissatisfied? As for MC, this is a makeup brand I like very much. When I knew that I could sign with MC, I was very happy and honored.”

“Then, why did you…”

“Mr. Gong, MC has looked for Little Xiao to renew the contract before, right?” Qiao Mianmian interrupted him. “If it wasn’t for a newbie like me, MC’s spokesperson for the next season would still be Little Xiao. Whether it’s her fame or fans, she’s countless times better than me.

“I didn’t know that MC had talked to Little Xiao about renewing the contract, so I signed the contract with MC. The reason for terminating the contract is that I don’t want others to think that I snatched her contract. Moreover, with my current fame, I’m not suitable to be MC’s spokesperson.”

Gong Zeli narrowed his eyes. “You didn’t want to be misunderstood, so you decided to terminate the contract?”

Qiao Mianmian nodded. “Mm. Terminating the contract is also a good thing for MC. You can sign with a more suitable spokesperson.”

“Just because of this?” Gong Zeli looked at her with a confused expression.

“Of course…” Qiao Mianmian was confused by his question. She felt like he was implying something.

Gong Zeli pursed his lips and hesitated.

After a moment of silence, he couldn’t help but ask, “You did not terminate the contract because you hate me?”

Qiao Mianmian was stunned.

It took her a while to react.

“Of course not.”

Even if she hated him before, it wasn’t because of this.

Moreover, Gong Zeli wasn’t so annoying anymore.

No matter what changed him, Qiao Mianmian was still willing to communicate with him.

She didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

“Really?” Gong Zeli seemed to be very concerned about this and asked again.

“Mm.” Qiao Mianmian didn’t know what he was thinking, but she really didn’t hate him that much. “I just don’t want others to think that I stole Little Xiao’s endorsement. It has nothing to do with anyone else.”

Gong Zeli stared at her for a while.

Only when he was sure that she wasn’t lying to him did he feel relieved.

“Then… do you hate me?”

Thinking about what he’d done to her previously, he was so upset and regretful.

She definitely didn’t have a good impression of him.

It was too late for him to change now.

Qiao Mianmian shook her head. “Mr. Gong, I’ve never hated you.”

“Not even in the past?” Gong Zeli’s eyes were filled with nervousness.

Qiao Mianmian was stunned again and shook her head. “No.”