I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1294 - Don’t Blame Me for Being Impolite

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Chapter 1294: Don’t Blame Me for Being Impolite

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“Mom, do you think anyone can bribe Grandma’s people?

“You think too highly of me. I’m not that capable.”

Madam Mo sneered. “Others might not have such abilities, but you might.

“Even an intelligent person like the Old Madam was fooled by you, what else can you not do? I advise you to be honest. Your Second Aunt also said that she won’t hold it against you on account of Ah Si. If you say it now, it won’t affect you. But if we find out ourselves, even the Old Madam and Ah Si won’t be able to protect you. Moreover, the Old Madam hates being lied to. If she finds out that you schemed against her, do you think you can still stay in the Mo family?

“So, if you know what’s good for you, quickly tell me what you did.”

Qiao Mianmian wasn’t a fool.

It didn’t matter if she did what they said. As long as she admitted it, she wouldn’t have it easy.

Madam Mo and Second Madam were just coercing her into admitting it.

Once she acknowledged it, she would definitely lose Old Madam’s favor.

Moreover, why should she admit to something she hadn’t done?

Madam Mo and Second Madam wanted to push the blame onto her, but it depended on whether they could do it.

“Mom, if you have any doubts about the paternity test, you can look for Grandma. I wasn’t the one who planned for Chen Chen to be the child of the Mo family. The Mo family did it themselves.

“Grandma admitted to the paternity test, and so did Second Uncle. They’re not people that others can fool. If I really bribed the doctor to do something to the paternity test, Mom, do you think they won’t find out?

“You think so highly of me. How could you think so poorly of Grandma and Second Uncle?

“Also, you guys think that Chen Chen and I are trying our best to squeeze into the Mo family and into the upper-class society. But whether it’s me or Chen Chen, we didn’t come this far willingly. Especially Chen Chen, he doesn’t know anything. If it wasn’t for the Mo family wanting to acknowledge him, he wouldn’t know that he’s a member of the Mo family.”

“Ha.” Madam Mo’s expression darkened. “You sure know how to talk. You lied to my son and Old Madam so glibly. Do you think I’ll be fooled by you like Ah Si and Old Madam?

“Qiao Mianmian, let me tell you, if you don’t tell me the truth today, don’t blame me for being nasty!”

“Mianmian.” Madam Mo had just finished her black face when Second Madam turned pale. “You’d better say it now. There’s only us here. If you say it, it’s over. Sister-in-law and I won’t hold you responsible.

“If this goes to the Old Madam, no one will be able to protect you.

“We specially picked a time when Old Madam wasn’t around to call you back. It’s all for your own good. You have to know what’s good for you and don’t let us down.”

“I still stand by what I said.” Qiao Mianmian said calmly, “I didn’t do what you said. You can ask a hundred times, a thousand times, but the answer will still be the same.”