I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1289 - She Couldn’t Pick Someone Better Than Him

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Chapter 1289: She Couldn’t Pick Someone Better Than Him

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“She was so close to me before.”

“She’s unfamiliar with you not because she hates you, but because she suddenly found out about her relationship with our Bai family and couldn’t accept it.” Bai Yusheng looked at Madam Bai’s sad expression and sighed. “Mom, you’re too anxious.

“You have to give Mianmian a period to adapt. You expect her to accept us immediately and return to the Bai family to love us. How is that possible?”

“Qiao Anxin is willing to do this. Isn’t she an impostor?”

“We’ve already found Mianmian, what’s the rush? You’ve endured for more than 10 years, can’t you bear it for a while more now?”

“I understand your logic.” Madam Bai’s eyes were filled with worry. She obviously didn’t take his advice to heart. “But what if Mianmian hates me and your dad and refuses to acknowledge us?”

Bai Yusheng was rather open-minded. “If she’s unwilling, then we’ll respect her decision. After all, when you sent her away, you didn’t ask if she was willing. Now that you want to bring her back, are you going to forcefully do it regardless of her wishes?”

Madam Bai panicked. “She was still a baby back then. How could I ask her if she was willing?”

“Mom, don’t be anxious.” Bai Yusheng gently pressed on her shoulder. “I’m just giving an example. I mean, we have to respect Mianmian’s decision. It’s precisely because the Bai family owes her so much that we can’t do anything to make her unhappy.

“She can do whatever she wants in the future.

“Everything is going according to her wishes. Actually, to us, it’s a form of comfort to be able to see Little Seven living a happy life.

“How is she doing well?” Madam Bai’s expression darkened at the thought of Qiao Anxin. “I got someone to ask around. Ever since her adoptive mother passed away, her stepmother and stepsister have been bullying her. My Little Seven has suffered so much all these years.”

“But she’s happy now.” Bai Yusheng smiled. “She’s married to the Second Young Master of the Mo family. Even if she doesn’t return to the Bai family, with Mo Yesi protecting her, who would dare to bully her?”

“What did you say?!” Madam Bai widened her eyes. “Who did you say Little Seven married?”

“Mom, Mianmian and Mo Yesi are already married.”

“What, Little Seven and Mo Yesi are already married?”

“Mm, I only found out about it today.”

Madam Bai was shocked.

After a while, she snapped back to her senses. “But Little Seven is still so young, how could she be married? I was thinking of picking a good husband who loves her. How did she get married?”

Madam Bai couldn’t accept this.

Bai Yusheng was amused. “Mom, who else are you picking? In Yuncheng City, can you find a more outstanding man to be your son-in-law? Of course, your son is an exception, but Mianmian and I are siblings.

“Mo Yesi’s family background, looks, and personal abilities are all top-notch. If you really want to pick, you won’t be able to find someone better than him.”

Madam Bai was speechless.

She thought about it and realized that it was true.

The two children of the Mo family were definitely the best in the city.

The ones she picked out were definitely not as good as them.