I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1276 - Madam, The Test Results Are Out

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Chapter 1276: Madam, The Test Results Are Out

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“Madam, you’re here.”

A moment later, Madam Bai brought her into a room.

A tall man with glasses walked towards them.

The man looked up at Qiao Mianmian and was stunned. He then turned to Madam Bai. “Madam, the results are out.”

“What was the result?” Madam Bai asked nervously.

The man handed a form to her. “Madam, take a look.”

Madam Bai took it and quickly scanned through it.

When she saw the results, she clenched her fists.

A few seconds later.

Qiao Mianmian relaxed when she saw that Madam Bai seemed to be relieved.

There was a hint of joy in her eyes.

“That’s great.” Madam Bai turned around and looked at Qiao Mianmian happily. “Yusheng’s guess is true. She really isn’t my Little Seven. Mianmian, the results are out. Qiao Anxin isn’t my daughter.

“So, the blood definitely isn’t hers.”

“Mianmian…” Madam Bai’s eyes lit up. “I brought you here because I want Kaiwei to do another test for us. You…”

“Auntie, I’m willing to cooperate with you.”

Before Madam Bai could finish, Qiao Mianmian said, “Aunt, just tell me what I should do.”

“Miss Qiao, it’s very simple.” The man called Kaiwei smiled and said gently, “I just need to draw Miss Qiao’s blood.”

Qiao Mianmian nodded. “Alright.”

She stretched out her arm. “Let’s begin, then.”

“Alright, Miss Qiao, please follow me.”

Kaiwei led her to a seat and took out a brand new set of syringes.

Qiao Mianmian left with Madam Bai.

It would take a few hours to get the results.

Although the outcome wasn’t out yet, Madam Bai already treated her like her daughter.

“Mianmian, Aunt can ask you a question.” Madam Bai’s eyes were full of love and guilt.

“Yes, Auntie.”

“Mianmian, when the results are out, if we’re really mother and daughter…” Madam Bai hesitated for a while and asked carefully, “Will you blame me? Are you still willing to acknowledge me as your mother?”

“Auntie, you said that you sent your daughter away because you had no choice. You had to do that to protect her, right?”


Madam Bai nodded. “But no matter what, I didn’t fulfill my duty as a mother. Because of my helpless actions, my daughter and I were separated for 19 years. She could have lived a good life, but it was me and our Bai family who let her down.”

Qiao Mianmian thought about it seriously before replying, “But everything you did was because you loved her and wanted to protect her. Moreover, she might be doing very well now, so you don’t owe her anything.

“All these years, you’ve been looking for her and never gave up. This is enough to prove that you love her.

“So, if it’s me… I won’t blame you.”

Madam Bai looked up with reddened eyes. “Really? Mianmian, you really won’t blame me?”