I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1270 - Why Do You Think I’ll Borrow Money for You?

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Chapter 1270: Why Do You Think I’ll Borrow Money for You?

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She said with difficulty, “Zeli, you should have seen the Shen Corporation’s share price fall. I don’t know who’s behind it, trying to make things difficult for the Shen Corporation, but the share price is still falling.

“The Shen Corporation needs funds to stabilize the situation.” Shen Rou looked at Gong Zeli’s cold eyes and said with difficulty, “So, I think… can you…”

In the past, Shen Rou had absolute confidence.

As long as she asked, Gong Zeli would never reject her.

But now…

He was no longer the Gong Zeli who always protected her, pampered her, and listened to her.

He used to treat her so well because he thought she saved him.

Now, he knew that she wasn’t the one who saved him that night.

What advantage did she have in front of him?

But she had no choice.

The only person she could think of who could still help her was him.

If he wasn’t willing to help, she really didn’t know who to look for.

“Zeli, can you… lend me a sum of money?” Shen Rou looked into Gong Zeli’s cold eyes and hesitated for a long time before finally saying it.

Gong Zeli’s expression was calm.

Seeing him like this, Shen Rou’s heart sank, and she tightened her grip. “Zeli, can you? If you help the Shen Corporation through this crisis, our family will be grateful to you. Take it that I’m begging you, alright? Nothing can happen to the Shen Corporation. If anything happens to it, I’ll…”

Her eyes reddened. “Please, I can only rely on you.”

“With the Shen family’s strength, do I need you to beg me?”

Gong Zeli didn’t respond. He kept quiet for a while before saying, “Shen Rou, you don’t have to beg me. This is just a small problem for the Shen family.”

“No, it’s not like that…”

Shen Rou’s eyes were red as she bit her lip, trying her best to hold back her tears.

She choked and said, “Zeli, you don’t know. There’s a problem with the Shen family. I only found out a while ago that there was an economic crisis in the Shen family. My dad has been hiding it from us in order to not worry us. My mom even wanted me to marry Bai Yusheng to get the Bai family’s help.

“But how could I marry someone I don’t like?

“I don’t like Bai Yusheng at all.”

Shen Rou looked up to see Gong Zeli’s reaction.

But all she saw was his cold eyes.

Shen Rou felt as if her heart had fallen into an icy lake.

At this moment, she felt nothing but coldness.

Did he really have no feelings for her?

He didn’t react at all when he heard that Madam Shen wanted her to marry Bai Yusheng.

Shen Rou thought that Gong Zeli still had some feelings for her.

He used to treat her so well.

She didn’t believe that it was all fake.

She didn’t believe that Gong Zeli had no feelings for her given her charms.


Gong Zeli waited for her to finish before calmly replying, “Why do you think I’ll lend you money? What has the Shen Corporation’s problem got to do with me? Shen Rou, if you’re here to borrow money, you can leave.”