I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1268 - Actually, He Isn’t Worse Than Mo Yesi

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Chapter 1268: Actually, He Isn’t Worse Than Mo Yesi

“I sent someone to check. There’s a problem with the Shen Corporation internally. In addition, the few major investment projects previously lost money, so the funds can’t be returned for a while. Now, they don’t dare to withdraw the funds, and they can’t pull in the investors.

“The Shen Corporation won’t be able to hold on for another year.

“No wonder Madam Shen suddenly brought Shen Rou over and expressed her intention to marry the Bai family. It turns out that the Shen family has a problem and wants to solve the economic crisis through marriage. But she thinks too highly of her daughter. She wants to get our Bai family’s investment with just Shen Rou? Does she think our Bai family is a fool?”

Mo Yesi narrowed his eyes. “The Shen Corporation’s share price suddenly fell today, and I heard it hasn’t stopped. Bai Yusheng, did you do this?”

Everyone only knew that Bai Yusheng was a director and had produced many good films.

Few people knew that he wasn’t just good at acting.

He was also good at controlling stocks.

Mo Yesi asked directly, and Bai Yusheng replied directly too. “I did it. Shen Rou dared to plot against our Bai family, so I’ll return the favor to the Shen family. This is called reciprocation.”

Mo Yesi said, “If the Shen family is really just an empty shell like you said, I’m afraid they won’t be able to hold on for long. Unless they can suddenly pull in considerable investment.”

Bai Yusheng looked at him. “The Mo and Shen families have been friends for many years. If the Shen family wants to find someone to invest in them, the first person they’ll look for is your Mo family. Ah Si, if the Shen family really wants to borrow money from you, will you help them?”

In a luxurious villa, Shen Rou was dressed up meticulously and brought to the fencing room by the servants.

Outside the room.

The servant stopped in her tracks. “Miss Shen, Young Master is inside. He doesn’t like to be disturbed during his practice. If Miss Shen has anything, you can tell him when the Young Master is free.”

Shen Rou pursed her lips and glanced into the room.

She immediately saw Gong Zeli.

He was wearing a fencing outfit and a helmet.

Gong Zeli had learned fencing since he was young.

He was once the champion of a competition.

If it wasn’t for his identity, he would have certainly become a professional member of the national team.

Because of his good looks, good family background, and elegant sports like fencing, he had a lot of fans back then.

Every time he went on stage to perform, many female fans would especially watch him compete.

That scene was comparable to the current fresh meat celebrities.

Shen Rou had known him for a long time and naturally knew about this.

But back then, she only had Mo Yesi in her heart.

She didn’t care about anyone else.

Hence, even though many of her friends told her how handsome Gong Zeli was, she didn’t feel much about it.

Because in her heart, no one could compare to Mo Yesi.

But now…

She looked at the handsome man in the room and her heartbeat quickened.

Why didn’t she realize that Gong Zeli was actually very good-looking?

In terms of looks, he wasn’t inferior to Mo Yesi.

But they weren’t the same type. She liked men like Mo Yesi.

She didn’t know how to cherish what she got so easily. Only when she lost it did she understand.

In the past, Gong Zeli treated her so well, but she never thought about how good he was. She never thought that she would lose him one day.