I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1267 - : She’s Already Married to Me

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Chapter 1267: She’s Already Married to Me

“In any case, our family will treat Mianmian well.”

Mo Yesi was rather satisfied with this answer.

But he disagreed.

“Whether or not Mianmian is from the Bai family, she’s already married to me. I’m afraid you can’t bring her back.”

“Why not?” Bai Yusheng was stunned. “W-What did you say? You said that Mianmian is already married to you?”

Mo Yesi looked at him calmly and nodded. “Mm.”

Bai Yusheng was speechless.

He was stunned for a while before slowly accepting this fact.

He frowned. “When did this happen? Aren’t you still dating? Why are you suddenly married? Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

Mo Yesi said calmly, “She’s still young and doesn’t want others to know that she got married so early. So, we’re saying that we’re dating. When I introduced her to you, we were already married.

“But it’s true that we’re dating now.” Mo Yesi smiled. “I did marry her first and then started dating her.”

Bai Yusheng was speechless.

He was even worried that the Mo family wouldn’t let Qiao Mianmian in.

It seemed like he was worried for nothing.

“Your family knows about your marriage with Mianmian? Can they accept Mianmian? Ah Si, Mianmian is our Bai family’s baby. I don’t want her to suffer any grievances.” Although he hadn’t confirmed that Qiao Mianmian was his sister, Bai Yusheng was already speaking to Mo Yesi as an elder brother.

“She’s not only your Bai family’s baby but also my baby. Who can make her suffer? As for my family’s attitude, my mom isn’t satisfied with her background and feels that she’s not worthy of me. But no matter what my family’s attitude is, the person I choose is the best in my eyes.

Mo Yesi didn’t hide the fact that Madam Mo didn’t like Qiao Mianmian.

Bai Yusheng frowned and said coldly, “Our daughter isn’t worthy of your Mo family. Aunt Mo’s expectations are too high. What kind of girl does she like, Shen Rou?”

With that, he seemed to remember something and sneered. “I’m afraid Aunt Mo won’t like the Shen family anymore after finding out about the current situation.”

“Don’t argue with me.” Mo Yesi laughed. “You know that my mom despises her family background. Moreover, it’s not certain if she’s from the Bai family. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether my mom is satisfied with her. She lives with me, not my mom.

“It’s best to have your family’s blessings. I won’t force it.”

“Hmph. When Mianmian returns to the Bai family, your mom won’t be unhappy anymore.”

Mo Yesi didn’t comment.

The Bai and Mo families were definitely compatible.

Madam Mo was dissatisfied that Qiao Mianmian’s background was too low. If she became the daughter of the Bai family, there was naturally nothing to be dissatisfied about.

“What did you say about the Shen family?” Mo Yesi didn’t ignore the information Bai Yusheng revealed.

“The Shen family?” Bai Yusheng sneered. “I only found out today that the Shen family was long gone.”