I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1266 - Will Give Mianmian a Test

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Chapter 1266: Will Give Mianmian a Test

He handed the tea to Mo Yesi. “I didn’t believe that she was my sister from the start. So, after my mom told me that after the paternity test, I got someone to investigate it.”

“And?” Mo Yesi took the tea and took a sip. “This tea is good.”

“Of course it’s good. I’ve been tinkering with it for so long, but I’ve only gotten a small bag. Only you have such good luck. Back to the main point, I got someone to investigate and find out that there’s something wrong with the blood.”

Mo Yesi raised an eyebrow.

Bai Yusheng continued, “The blood that my mom took for the test shouldn’t be Qiao Anxin’s.”

“Then, whose is it?”

Mo Yesi already had an answer.

Bai Yusheng paused and looked straight at him. “I suspect that it’s Mianmian’s blood.”

It was expected.

But Mo Yesi was still a little surprised.

“Mianmian’s blood? How did Qiao Anxin get her blood?”

“There was a blood donation activity a few days ago. You should know about it. Mianmian attended it, and the blood they donated was sent to Renxin Hospital. I found out that Shen Rou was behind the charity activity.”

Mo Yesi understood.

“So, you think Shen Rou organized that charity event just to get Mianmian’s blood? They knew that Mianmian was the Bai family’s flesh and blood from the start, so they wanted to replace her in this way?”

“That’s right.” Bai Yusheng’s eyes darkened. “Mianmian is our Bai family’s flesh and blood. Qiao Anxin is just an impostor. Ah Si, I wanted to tell you about this in advance.

“I’ve already gotten someone to prepare it for Mianmian.”

Mo Yesi nodded. “I have no objections. I’ve asked Mianmian too. She said that if you need anything, she’ll cooperate with you.”

Bai Yusheng was shocked. “You asked Mianmian?”


“So, you guessed that she might be from the Bai family?”


“… Is it that obvious? How did you guess?”

Mo Yesi looked at him and smiled. “Isn’t it obvious? Aunt Bai is too passionate towards Mianmian.”

Bai Yusheng was speechless.

He knew it.

Madam Bai had been too enthusiastic previously.

It was indeed suspicious.

“If the DNA test proves that Mianmian is really your Bai family’s descendant, what does your family plan to do?” Mo Yesi placed his teacup down and asked casually. But when he looked up at Bai Yusheng, his gaze was not casual at all.

“To bring her back to the Bai family, of course,” Bai Yusheng replied without thinking. “We’ve been apart from her for more than 10 years. In the future, our family will naturally be together. She has suffered a lot in these 10 years. I won’t let her suffer anymore in the future.

“The Bai family will be her protection from now on.

“As her brother, I must pamper her as the happiest princess in the world.

“My mom likes Mianmian even more. If they become mother and daughter, she’ll probably pamper Mianmian to the skies. As for my dad, he’s the same as my mom, looking forward to having a daughter. His love for Mianmian is definitely not a problem.”