I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1252 - Joining Forces to Put on SuChapter a Good Show

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Chapter 1252: Joining Forces to Put on Such a Good Show

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That meant that the blood was really his sister’s.

But Bai Yusheng refused to believe that it was Qiao Anxin’s blood.

But where did Qiao Anxin and Shen Rou get his sister’s blood from?

Bai Yusheng suddenly recalled something.

His expression changed as he gripped his cell phone tightly. “There was a blood donation activity two days ago, and many artistes attended it. Do you know where the blood donated by those artistes ended up?”

“Blood donation? I know, because the artistes’ blood was sent to our hospital.”

“What did you say? The blood was sent to you?”

“Yes.” The person on the other end of the phone didn’t know why he was so shocked. He asked curiously, “Young Master Bai, is there a problem?”

“Were all the artistes’ blood sent to your hospital?”


The truth was almost out.

Qiao Mianmian also participated in the blood donation charity event.

A moment later, Bai Yusheng hung up and made another call.

Soon, the call went through. “Young Master.”

Bai Yusheng’s eyes were cold. He took a deep breath and instructed the person on the other end of the phone. “Help me find out one thing immediately. Who are the people behind the donation of blood at Angel’s Shelter two days ago?”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Bai Yusheng’s subordinates were very efficient. After 10 minutes, they found out everything.

When Bai Yusheng heard that Shen Rou was one of the organizers, his eyes turned cold.

He knew that Shen Rou was up to something.

Qiao Anxin alone couldn’t do so much.

Now, the truth was out.

Qiao Anxin probably wanted to replace Qiao Mianmian after finding out her true identity from Father Qiao.

But with her status, she wouldn’t even be able to enter the Bai family without the help.

Shen Rou hated Qiao Mianmian, to begin with, so she naturally wouldn’t reject Qiao Anxin’s request.

The two of them put on such a show.

Their plan was almost successful.

If he hadn’t been suspicious and noticed Qiao Anxin’s abnormality, Qiao Anxin would have really replaced Qiao Mianmian.

Perhaps he would never be able to acknowledge his real sister in this lifetime.

Bai Yusheng’s eyes turned cold.

Shen Rou and Qiao Anxin wanted to fool the Bai family. He would let them know the consequences of lying to them.

Bai Yusheng hadn’t been this angry in years.

He opened the stock app on his cell phone and found the Shen Corporation’s stocks.

Half an hour later, some attentive shareholders realized that the Shen Corporation’s share price had suddenly fallen.

At first, the fall was very slow. It was almost impossible to notice it.

It didn’t affect it much.

But if one observed for a while more, they would realize that although the Shen Corporation’s share price was falling very slowly, it was still falling.

The fall never stopped.

If it fell by a day, the drop would be very scary.