I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1251 - Did Something to the Blood

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Chapter 1251: Did Something to the Blood

“Mom, there’s something I haven’t told you.”


Bai Yusheng had never thought of revealing Shen Rou’s true identity.

But since she was still clinging to Qiao Mianmian and getting involved in the Bai family’s matters, he couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

Bai Yusheng told Madam Bai that Shen Rou wanted to team up with him to deal with Qiao Mianmian.

Madam Bai was shocked and furious. “Is what you said true?”

“Mom, do I have to lie to you?”

“I didn’t expect the daughter of the Shen family to be such a scary person. She pretended to be so kind, sensible, and gentle in front of me. I really thought she was a good child.”

She even wanted to get her and Bai Yusheng together.

Madam Bai trembled in anger at the thought of her being treated like a fool. “She’s too much. How did Mianmian offend her? She actually wants to break up Mianmian’s good marriage.”

“She likes Mo Yesi,” Bai Yusheng said. “But the person Mo Yesi likes is Mianmian. Of course, she can’t accept the man she likes being with another woman. Moreover, she feels that Mianmian is inferior to her in every way, so she’s even more indignant.

“Mianmian is kinder than her.”

Madam Bai was still angry. “This is too much, too much. In that case, she brought Qiao Anxin along that night with a plan. Then, she came to me for a toast, and the red wine stained her dress, so she got me to bring them to change…”

Madam Bai was awakened now. She recalled everything that happened that night and realized that it was all planned.

The toast was to dirty the dress and get her to bring them to change so that she could see the birthmark on Qiao Anxin.

As long as she suspected Qiao Anxin’s identity, she would definitely take her for a paternity test.


Madam Bai’s expression turned awful.

“But the paternity test…” She still couldn’t figure it out. “If she isn’t Little Seven, why would the results be like that? Did someone tamper with the blood? But how did they know who Little Seven was and where to get the blood…”

“If the results are correct, then it must have been due to the blood.” Bai Yusheng’s eyes darkened as he said coldly, “I will definitely investigate this matter. No one can pretend to be Little Seven.”

“Then, Qiao Anxin…” Madam Bai was furious at the thought that she might be an imposter. “I’ll ask her now why she pretended to be Little Seven!”

“Mom, don’t be rash.” Bai Yusheng held her back. “You’ll only alert the enemy.”

“Then, what should I do?”

“Just pretend that you don’t know anything. In any case, don’t make her suspicious. I’ll get someone to investigate this immediately.”

After Madam Bai left, Bai Yusheng immediately made a call.

Soon, the other side picked it up and greeted him respectfully. “Young Master Bai.”

“My mom brought someone to the hospital for a paternity test today. Are you sure the results are accurate?”

“Yes, Young Master Bai. I did a DNA test on Madam Bai and Miss Qiao’s blood. I was afraid of making a mistake, so I did a few more tests. But the results were the same.

“So, I’m very sure that the test is accurate.”