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Chapter 1245: Mother and Daughter

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No matter how much she disliked her, she was still a part of her.

How could she?

Her voice softened as she took out a handkerchief from her bag and handed it to her. “Don’t cry, quickly wipe your tears. I can’t say too much now. You and Little Seven have almost the same fate, and you’re of the same age.

“That’s why I hope to do a paternity test.” Madam Bai kept quiet for a while before saying, “If you’re really Little Seven, and you’re willing to acknowledge us, your dad and I will definitely make it up to you and love you. We’ll do anything for you.”

Qiao Anxin looked up.

She said in a hoarse voice, “Madam Bai, I’m willing. I’ve always missed my biological parents, and I’ve always wanted to find them. I originally thought that there was no hope in my life, but now… So, whether I’m your daughter or not, I’m willing to accept a paternity test.

“Even if there’s only one percent hope, I want to find my biological parents.

“I really miss them.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

She looked even more pitiful.

Madam Bai couldn’t bear to watch.

She looked at Qiao Anxin and felt less disgusted.

She sighed heavily in her heart. Sigh, she was a poor child, after all. She shouldn’t have too much prejudice against her.

At the hospital.

Madam Bai and Qiao Anxin waited anxiously for the results.

While waiting, Madam Bai called Bai Yusheng.

Bai Yusheng asked her about the situation, and she told him the truth.

“The results aren’t out yet?”

“Not yet, but soon.” Madam Bai gripped her cell phone tightly. “Yusheng, I’m so nervous now. Tell me, if she’s really your sister, what should I do?”

Bai Yusheng was silent for a while.

“Mom, wait for the results first. I’m done here, I’ll be right there.”

“Alright, alright.” Madam Bai hurriedly said, “Come over quickly. With you around, I won’t be so flustered.”

Less than a minute after Madam Bai hung up, the doctor came out with the test results.

“Madam Bai, the paternity test results are out,” the doctor said respectfully.

Madam Bai’s heart tightened as she hurriedly asked, “What’s the outcome?”

Qiao Anxin was even more nervous than her.

Even though she knew that Shen Rou had arranged everything beforehand and wouldn’t make any mistakes, she was still a little worried when the results weren’t out.

She couldn’t hide the nervousness. “Yes, doctor. What’s the result?”

She wasn’t faking her nervousness this time.

The doctor glanced at her and handed the report to Madam Bai. “Madam Bai, according to the report, you and Miss Qiao are related by blood.”

Madam Bai took it and looked up.

The doctor smiled. “The results are on the list. Madam Bai, you can take a look. If you have any questions, you can ask me.”

Qiao Anxin heaved a sigh of relief.

She opened her sweat-covered palms. When she thought about how she would be the daughter of the Bai family’s glorious family from this moment on, she was ecstatic. The excitement and joy in her eyes were almost uncontrollable.