I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1244 - I Might Be Your Daughter?

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Chapter 1244: I Might Be Your Daughter?

She waited and worried the whole night.

She was afraid that Madam Bai would not react.

Thankfully, Madam Bai finally called her.

Qiao Anxin suppressed her excitement and pretended to be calm. “Madam Bai, why are you looking for me?”

Madam Bai looked at her with mixed feelings. After a moment of silence, she said, “Miss Qiao, you told me yesterday that you’re the Qiao family’s adopted daughter?”


“Did your parents put that mark on you to acknowledge your family in the future?”

Qiao Anxin took a deep breath and clenched her fists. “Yes.”

“Miss Qiao, I think I’d better get straight to the point.” Madam Bai took a sip of her coffee and looked up at Qiao Anxin sitting opposite her.

Even if she knew that the girl opposite her was the daughter she’d been looking for.

She still didn’t like her.

She had no intention of getting close to her.

If Qiao Anxin was really her daughter, it would be rather pathetic.

She didn’t like her biological daughter, but she liked a girl who wasn’t related to her by blood.

“Miss Qiao, I once had a daughter. I had to give her to a subordinate of my husband because of something that happened back then. In order to acknowledge her in the future, I left a red mark on her.”

Qiao Anxin widened her eyes and pretended to be shocked. “Madam Bai, you…”

Madam Bai looked straight at her. “The mark on Miss Qiao’s body is the same as the mark I left on my daughter. You’re not the biological daughter of the Qiao family, and your biological parents had to give you to someone else to raise because of the disaster back then.

“All these years, we’ve been looking for Little Seven. Little Seven is the nickname I gave my daughter. She was born on the seventh day of the seventh month.

“Miss Qiao’s achievements are exactly the same as my daughter’s. So, I asked Miss Qiao out this time to ask you to go to the hospital for a paternity test. I know that it’ll be hard for you to accept suddenly telling you this, but…

“I’ve been looking for her all these years.

“If you’re really Little Seven, I hope we can reunite sooner.”

Qiao Anxin’s hand trembled, and she spilled the coffee on the table.

She was shocked. “Madam Bai, are you saying that I-I might be your daughter?”

“Yes, but we’re not sure yet.” Madam Bai looked at her shocked expression and softened. She sighed and said gently, “Anxin, didn’t you say that you still want to acknowledge your biological parents?

“Are you willing to go to the hospital for a paternity test?”

Qiao Anxin was excited, but she still looked flustered.

She looked at Madam Bai blankly, and her eyes turned red.

“Madam Bai, a-are you really my mother?” Qiao Anxin bit her lip as tears rolled down her cheeks. She looked at Madam Bai pitifully and choked. “I-I’m not dreaming?”

Madam Bai was soft-hearted and kind.

Although she didn’t like Qiao Anxin, she felt that if this was really her daughter, it would be her fault.