I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1234 - : Why Is It Impossible?

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Chapter 1234: Why Is It Impossible?

“What?!” Qiao Mianmian widened her eyes in shock. “You mean… Madam Bai really thinks I’m her daughter?”

“Mm.” Mo Yesi nodded and looked at her shocked expression. “She can’t confirm your identity yet. But she must have guessed it already. I guess she’ll look for you to confirm it.”

“B-But how could I be her daughter?”

Qiao Mianmian felt that Mo Yesi was being ridiculous.

She was from the Qiao family.

How could she be Miss Bai that the Bai family had been looking for?

She wanted to retort, but when she recalled Madam Bai’s behavior towards her and her probing question, Qiao Mianmian pursed her lips and kept quiet.

Initially, she thought that Madam Bai treated her so well because she transferred some feelings for her daughter to her.

Because Madam Bai and Bai Yusheng had said that she looked like their Little Seven.

Moreover, she was born on the same day…

Qiao Mianmian never thought that Madam Bai liked her and treated her well because they thought she might be the Bai family’s Little Seven.

She felt that this was ridiculous and unbelievable.

Just like how she found out that Qiao Chen wasn’t her biological brother but a member of the Mo family.

No, it was even more ridiculous than what happened with Qiao Chen.

After all, this happened to her.

Mo Yesi looked at her deeply. “Why is it impossible?”

“Of course not.” Qiao Mianmian said directly, “I’m from the Qiao family, what has it got to do with the Bai family? They have such speculations because I look like Madam Bai? But many people look alike but aren’t related by blood.”

“There are a lot of them, but it doesn’t matter if they look alike. But since Qiao Chen is a member of the Mo family, why can’t you be a daughter of the Bai family? Do you know why Grandma decided to let him do a paternity test with my Second Uncle the moment she saw him?”

Seeing Qiao Mianmian’s eyes widen in shock, Mo Yesi said word by word, “Not only because Chen Chen looks like my Second Uncle, but also because she has a special liking for him. Sometimes, blood relations are a magical relationship. Even if you’ve never met him, you’ll have a strange liking for him the first time you meet him.

“I think Madam Bai has such a good impression of you.

“Perhaps that’s why she had such a guess. Mianmian, tell me, how do you feel about Madam Bai?”

Mo Yesi had always minded Bai Yusheng because he felt that Bai Yusheng was taking too much care of Qiao Mianmian.

It was beyond normal care.

Back then, Qiao Mianmian kept saying that Bai Yusheng treated her as a sister, but he didn’t believe her.

But now, he felt that it might be true.

Bai Yusheng might have guessed it long ago, so he took better care of Qiao Mianmian.

As for Madam Bai…

The way she treated Qiao Mianmian tonight was no different from how she treated her own daughter.

Mo Yesi thought that if Qiao Mianmian was really the daughter of the Bai family, this would be a good thing for him.