I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1232 - : We’ll Test It Together

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Chapter 1232: We’ll Test It Together

“She was born on the same day and month as Little Seven. The only suspicious thing about her is that she doesn’t look like Little Seven when she was young. Little Seven’s eyes are big and round, but hers are slender and long. But girls change when they grow up. She might have changed when she grew up.”

Madam Bai wasn’t willing to admit that Qiao Anxin was her biological daughter.

But all the signs proved that the daughter she was looking for was really Qiao Anxin.

“Qiao Anxin?” Bai Yusheng’s expression changed. “Mom, are you sure?”

“I hope I’m wrong too.” Madam Bai didn’t have anything to hide in front of her son and revealed her thoughts. “Yusheng, to say something inappropriate, if she really is Little Seven, I’ll be disappointed.

“Do you know how she treated Mianmian?

“I don’t expect Little Seven to be outstanding, but to at least be a kind and beautiful girl. Qiao Anxin…” Madam Bai frowned and sighed. “She’s already like this to her sister, how kind can she be?”

Bai Yusheng was silent for a long time.

He thought about it and felt that something was amiss.

He didn’t want to believe that Qiao Anxin was his sister.

“Mom, it’s simple to confirm her identity.” After a while, Bai Yusheng narrowed his eyes and said, “Bring her for a paternity test. This is the simplest and most accurate method.”

“Paternity test?” Madam Bai thought for a while and nodded. “We have to do it. I think so too. Since she might be Little Seven, let’s do a paternity test to confirm it. If… if she really is Little Seven, no matter what happens to her now, I have to acknowledge this daughter.”

“Mm, then don’t overthink it.”

Seeing that Madam Bai was unhappy, Bai Yusheng said, “It might be a misunderstanding when the DNA test comes out. Since we’re going to do it, why don’t we get Mianmian to do it too?”

Madam Bai was shocked. “Mianmian too?”

“Mm.” Bai Yusheng nodded and thought about what Madam Bai said to him just now. A cold look flashed past his eyes. “Anyway, it’s not a troublesome matter. Don’t you think Mianmian is more like Little Seven? Then, let’s appraise them both.”

The red wine stained the dress, Madam Bai went upstairs to change, and Madam Bai found the mark on Qiao Anxin.

Everything seemed to have been planned.

The pretext was to let Madam Bai see the mark on Qiao Anxin.

And her final goal was the daughter the Bai family had been looking for.

Also, Qiao Anxin was brought here by Shen Rou.

Bai Yusheng’s eyes turned cold.

Shen Rou…

He wanted to see what she was plotting.

When Qiao Mianmian came out of the changing room, Mo Yesi had also changed into home clothes.

He looked a lot more casual and younger in his home clothes. He wasn’t as cold and arrogant as he looked in his suit.

Qiao Mianmian walked towards him.

Mo Yesi reached out and pulled her over, stroking her hair. “Butler Lin got the kitchen to make supper. Do you want to eat with me?”