I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1230 - There’s No Need to Think About Curing This Illness Anymore

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Chapter 1230: There’s No Need to Think About Curing This Illness Anymore

Mo Yesi knew that he wasn’t joking.

Lu Rao had always been the one treating him.

Besides himself, Lu Rao knew his illness best.

This wasn’t the first time Lu Rao had done this for him.

“It’s just a treatment. I’ll delete it later. If you don’t want me to see it, I won’t.” Mo Yesi used to think that it didn’t matter if he saw it alone. Now that he had Qiao Mianmian, he was afraid that she would mind.

Yan Shaoqing immediately touched his arm and said, “Gosh, I’m getting goosebumps. Second Bro, can you consider the feelings of us single people? Please control yourself.”

Lu Rao wasn’t exaggerating, but he felt like Mo Yesi was a completely different person now. “Ah Si, Sister-in-law isn’t an unreasonable person. It’s just treatment, right?”

Qiao Mianmian said, “… Mm, I don’t mind.”

She was just curious about the nude photos Lu Rao sent him…

Mo Yesi turned to look at her. Seeing that she really didn’t mind, he slowly took out his cell phone.

He opened WeChat.

A minute later, Mo Yesi turned it off.

Seeing his reaction, Lu Rao sighed and said helplessly, “You still feel disgusted. Do you feel like vomiting?”

Mo Yesi recalled the photos and felt disgusted. “Mm.”

“… I thought you’d already recovered.” Lu Rao kept his cell phone and looked at him deeply. Then, he turned to look at Qiao Mianmian and finally suggested sincerely, “I think you don’t have to think about curing this illness anymore. Anyway, you already have Sister-in-law, so it doesn’t matter if you treat it or not. I guess your illness is the same as Young Master Gong’s. If you insist on treating it, it’ll be the same, and you won’t be able to recover for the rest of your life. Perhaps you’ll have to meet the person you’re destined to meet. In front of that person, your illness will naturally be cured.

“Oh right, speaking of Young Master Gong, why didn’t I see him tonight? Bai Yusheng couldn’t have left him out, right?” Lu Rao looked around and couldn’t help but feel puzzled when he didn’t see Gong Zeli.

“Who knows? He’s been so secretive recently, I don’t know what he’s up to. I asked him out a few times, but he didn’t come out.” Yan Shaoqing was a little unhappy.

He really didn’t know what Fourth Gong was doing.

They used to play together. He could call him anytime.

But now…

That guy seemed to have lost all interest.

Yan Shaoqing felt that Gong Zeli was abnormal. Something must have happened.

He had to find out more about Fourth Gong someday!

Yan Shaoqing was about to look away when he saw a familiar figure.

Shen Rou.

He was stunned and thought about what happened recently. He frowned and looked at Mo Yesi.

He wanted to ask him if he was going to ignore Shen Rou in the future.

But seeing that Qiao Mianmian was around, he felt that it wasn’t a good time to ask.

Yan Shaoqing didn’t have a deep relationship with Shen Rou, but after knowing her for so many years, he was still very touched that his old friends were in such a state.

But who could she blame?

He’d warned Shen Rou many times, but she’d ignored it.

It was all her fault.