I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1226 - Different From Imagination

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Chapter 1226: Different From Imagination

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“But you said that Lin Huizhen isn’t your biological mother?”

Qiao Anxin was stunned. She looked up and saw Madam Bai’s sharp gaze. A cold sweat broke out on her back.

She stammered, “I-It’s true that she’s not my biological mother. I heard from my adoptive father that he was afraid that his boss’s enemies would find me, so he sent me out to raise me.

“I’m actually a year older than I am now. I was a year younger back then because I was worried that my enemies would come looking for me.”

Qiao Anxin heaved a sigh of relief.

She felt like she’d just escaped death.

Thankfully, she and Shen Rou had already guessed what Madam Bai would ask, so they had already thought of a response.

But even so, she was still nervous.

Initially, Qiao Anxin thought that Madam Bai might be a fool from a rich family.

But now, she had completely changed her mind.

She was too careless.

How could a woman who could safely escape the disaster and still be the glorious Madam Bai be simple?

But Shen Rou had said that as long as she cooperated, this matter would be foolproof.

Even if Madam Bai still suspected her.

As long as the paternity test was out, all her doubts would be dispelled.

Qiao Anxin felt more at ease.

When she looked at Madam Bai again, she wasn’t as nervous as before. She pursed her lips and pretended to be sad as she continued, “My adoptive father told me that my biological parents were in huge trouble back then, so they couldn’t bring me along. Since they trusted him so much and entrusted their daughter to him, he would definitely protect me and let me grow up safely.”

Madam Bai pursed her lips and kept quiet.

This way, the girl in front of her seemed to be fine in every aspect.

Everything proved that she was her daughter.

But Madam Bai still didn’t believe it.

She despised accepting Qiao Anxin as her daughter.

Her Little Seven must be a very cute and kind girl.

How could Qiao Anxin be such a vicious person who would steal her sister’s fiancé and bully her in secret?

Even though so many facts were in front of her, Madam Bai still felt that her daughter couldn’t be Qiao Anxin.

If she was her biological daughter, why would she feel so disgusted?

She felt like a mother and daughter to a girl who wasn’t her biological daughter.

Back then, when she’d only seen Qiao Mianmian’s photo, she had a strange feeling that it was definitely her daughter.

After that, she liked her even more.

She’d already decided that Qiao Mianmian was her daughter even before the paternity test.

But she wasn’t happy at all.

She even thought that if this was her biological daughter, she would be a little disappointed…

She knew that she was wrong.

But she really couldn’t like Qiao Anxin.

Madam Bai kept quiet for a long time. This silence made Qiao Anxin, who was sure that she would soon become the daughter of the Bai family, panic.

Why was this development different from what she imagined?