I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1225 - You’re One Year Younger Than Your Sister Qiao Mianmian

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Chapter 1225: You’re One Year Younger Than Your Sister Qiao Mianmian

“That’s true. Your adoptive parents are so good to you, they’re no different from your biological parents. But have you never thought of finding your biological parents again? Didn’t your dad tell you where your biological parents are now?”

“I’ve thought about it. Which child wouldn’t want to know who their biological parents are?” Qiao Anxin sighed and seemed a little upset. “My adoptive father told me that he lost contact with my biological parents a long time ago, so even he doesn’t know where they are now.

“Forget it, I won’t think about it anymore. I’m probably not fated to be with them in this lifetime.”

“Anxin, don’t be too upset. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked you this.”

A sob came from behind.

Madam Bai turned around in disbelief.

Qiao Anxin’s back was facing her. She hadn’t changed out of her dress.

Madam Bai immediately saw the red mark on her hip.

She widened her eyes in shock as she stared at the red mark.

Shen Rou saw Madam Bai’s reaction and pretended not to know anything. “Aunt Bai, what’s wrong?”

Madam Bai didn’t say anything. She stared at the red mark on Qiao Anxin’s hip for a while before looking up at Qiao Anxin with a complicated expression.

This mark and what she said…

All signs pointed to the possibility that Qiao Anxin was her daughter.

Madam Bai knew very well where the mark was.

Hence, when she saw the mark on Qiao Anxin, she almost confirmed her identity.

But Madam Bai wasn’t too happy.

This was completely different from when she thought that Qiao Mianmian was her daughter.

At that time, she was full of joy and anticipation. She couldn’t wait to acknowledge her daughter.

But now…

She didn’t think so.

She didn’t want to admit that this girl was her precious Little Seven.

But that mark and what she said…

She told her son about the red mark on Little Seven.

No one else would know.

“Aunt Bai, why are you staring at Anxin? Is there something wrong with her?” Shen Rou gave Qiao Anxin a look as she spoke.

“Yes, Madam Bai. Is there something wrong with me?” Qiao Anxin touched her face uneasily.


Madam Bai kept quiet for a while before turning to Shen Rou. “Rourou, can you go out for a while? I want to speak to Anxin alone.”

“Ah? Of course. Anxin, I’ll go out first. I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

Shen Rou left the room and closed the door.

Qiao Anxin was alone in the room with Madam Bai.

She met Madam Bai’s inquiring and scrutinizing gaze. After all, she felt guilty and instantly tensed up.

“Madam Bai, w-what do you have to say to me?” Qiao Anxin was afraid that Madam Bai would expose her when Shen Rou wasn’t around.

Madam Bai stared at her for a while and asked calmly, “You said your parents are your adoptive parents just now?”

“Yes.” Qiao Anxin clenched her fists.

Madam Bai narrowed her eyes. “But from what I know, you’re a year younger than your sister, Qiao Mianmian. You’re only 18 this year, right?”