I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1218 - Shen Rou Was a Little Weird Today

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Chapter 1218: Shen Rou Was a Little Weird Today

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Qiao Anxin swallowed her anger and said, “Miss Shen, Madam Bai is leaving with that little b*tch. What do we have to do to carry out our plan successfully? I feel like it’s not good to let that little b*tch stay with Madam Bai for too long. What if she foils our plan?”

Shen Rou looked at her with disdain.

How could she not know what Qiao Anxin was thinking?

Rather than saying that they were afraid that Qiao Mianmian would affect their plans, it was more accurate to say that they were worried that she wouldn’t be able to successfully become the daughter of the Bai family.

However, even though Shen Rou didn’t like Qiao Anxin, she agreed with her.

Indeed, she couldn’t let Madam Bai and Qiao Anxin stay alone for too long. Otherwise, their plan would definitely go awry.

Madam Bai was obviously using the excuse of eating to take Qiao Mianmian away.

Since she had already thought about whether Qiao Mianmian was her daughter, she would definitely find a way to prove it.

Perhaps she had brought Qiao Mianmian away just to confirm this matter.

At the thought of this, Shen Rou’s expression changed. She raised her eyes and looked in the direction Madam Bai had left in. She lifted her skirt and said, “Follow me. Remember, act according to my wishes later.”

Some of Shen Rou’s usual sisters were in the hall.

When they saw her, they all came over to greet her.

Shen Rou gave a perfunctory reply and left hurriedly with Qiao Anxin.

Her friends looked at her leaving figure and couldn’t help but ask, “What do you think she’s going to do? Also, when did she start interacting with people from the entertainment industry? Don’t you think that Shen Rou is a little weird today?”

“Do you think that the man she called just now is the Second Young Master of the Mo Family? If that’s the case, wouldn’t she die of anger? She must have liked the Second Young Master Mo for many years. Now that he has another woman by his side, how could she tolerate it?”

“So what if she can’t tolerate it? He’s the Second Young Master of the Mo Family. If others are afraid of his status, they need to support him and curry favor with him. Can the Second Young Master of the Mo Family use her? Besides, don’t you realize that Second Young Master of the Mo Family is quite cold to her?”

“Yes, I realized it too. I think Shen Rou must be furious. After liking a man for so many years, he still ended up with someone else. However, the woman who stole her man is quite pretty. Her looks are the type that men like. She’s soft and weak, like a little white lotus. It’s easy to arouse a man’s desire to protect her. Shen Rou is pretty, but she looks a little strong. Many men don’t like strong women.”

“Shen Rou is indeed domineering. She’s too arrogant just because she has a good family background. No matter how pretty she is or how good her family background is, men may not like her. After all, with Mo Family’s status, Shen Rou’s advantage is nothing.”

“But, is that man really Second Young Master Mo? Have any of you seen him before?”

“The Second Young Master of the Mo Family has always lived overseas and has only returned to the country recently. Furthermore, he doesn’t like to be interviewed by the media, so not many people should have seen him. However, if that man is really the Second Young Master of the Mo Family, it’s no wonder that Shen Rou has been longing for him for so many years and still refuses to give up. He’s born noble and prestigious, and she has grown up with such an outstanding man, how could she not be moved?”